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Wake With Elias

The daily look at news covering the Canucks, Comets and the rest of the hockey world. Best with a fresh cup of coffee.

Wake With Elias: Schenn Updates and Chara Trashes 2011 Canucks

Luke Schenn’s agent speaks on contract, Zdeno Chara speaks on the 2011 Canucks squad.

Wake With Elias: Fans Debate Luongo and the Ring of Honour

Canucks fans continue debating the decision

Wake With Elias: Horvat Tops Trade List and Bedard’s In Town

Bo Horvat tops the Daily Faceoff trade target list and Connor Bedard has arrived in Vancouver.

Wake With Elias: Bo, Brunette, and the Blue Jackets

There are rumours everywhere as change seems inevitable in Vancouver.

Wake With Elias: Things Are Not Well

Everyone is just mad

Wake With Elias: Bieksa Returns as Offence Explodes

Kevin Bieksa officially retires and the Canucks score so many goals.

Wake With Elias: Win #1 and #600

The Canucks get their first while Bruce gets his 600th (also, a trade was made)

Wake With Elias: Another Wild Loss and Jersey Updates

The Canucks remain winless through five, plus, lots of jersey news.

Wake With Elias: Bieksa Is Back! (For One Day)

Kevin Bieksa signs a one-day contract to retire a Canuck, and fans are reeling after opening night

Wake With Elias: Trudeau Speaks on Hockey Canada and We Have a Dog Now

Prime Minister Trudeau spoke forcefully against Hockey Canada and Ryp the Dog joins the Canucks family.

Wake With Elias: Mikheyev’s Injury Roller Coaster and Doerrie Leaves Organization

Ilya Mikheyev injury reports were up and down and Rachel Doerrie has apparently been fired by the Canucks.

Wake With Elias: Training Camp Quotes

As training camp begins, we have lots of fun tidbits to report.

Wake With Elias: Team Dogs and Young Stars

The Canucks announce some dog-related initiatives while Young Stars commences

Wake With Elias: Remembering the Queen

With the passing of Queen Elizabeth, we look at her ties to the Canucks

Wake With Elias: A New Slogan and Dahlen-gate

The Canucks have a new slogan and people are still arguing about Jonathan Dahlen.

Wake With Elias: World Cup of Hockey and Surrey’s New Stadium

Bill Daly announced a new World Cup of Hockey and Doug McCallum, incumbent Surrey Mayor, pitches a mutli-use stadium.

Wake With Elias: Kadri Now in Division and Miller Talk

Nazem Kadri is a Calgary Flame and JT Miller’s agent had some pointed words

Wake With Elias- Aug 17, 2022: Canada Takes On The Swiss At 2022 WJC

The quest for gold in Edmonton continues as Canada faces Switzerland in the knockout round tonight.

Wake With Elias: JT Miller and John Scott Did a Podcast

JT Miller and John Scott were on a podcast together, and hot takes ensued.

Wake With Elias: Development Camp Developments and Pacific Extensions

The annual development camp is underway for the Canucks and Pacific rivals make key re-signings

Wake With Elias- Aug 3, 2022: Canucks Make Additions To Coaching, Training Staff.

The Abbotsford Canucks new goaltending coach helped train one of the NHL’s best.

Wake With Elias: Aug 2, 2022: Happy Salary Arbitration Day!

The excitement of boardroom negotiations begins today as a number of NHL players and their respective teams hammer out deals with an arbitrator. Woo!

Wake With Elias: DiPietro’s Camp Not Pleased

Michael DiPietro, who seems to be on his way out of town, does not appear pleased with his past situation

Wake With Elias- July 25, 2022: Canucks Reverse Retro Leak Causes A Buzz

After their first attempt was dubbed ‘The Sprite Can’ by some, the Canucks appear to have a winner with a Johnny Canuck themed Reverse Retro jersey for next season.

Wake With Elias: A Miller Extension?

As fans grow restless, talk of a JT Miller extension is growing.

Wake With Elias: Canucks Draft Lekkerimäki, NHL Goes Wild

The Canucks draft Jonathan Lekkerimäki at 15th as news broke across the NHL

Wake With Elias: Trade Talk Heats Up

As the NHL trade market heats up, so does the talk around some Canucks stars

Wake With Elias: Young Stars Returns

After a pandemic-induced hiatus, the Canucks Young Stars tournament is returning to Pentiction

Wake With Elias- June 21, 2022: Bolts Battle Back In Game Three, Kuzmenko Chooses Canucks

Tampa gets some big goals en route to a big Game Three win, and a prized KHL free agent is coming to Vancouver.

Wake With Elias: Kuzmenko Talk Heats Up

Talk of the Canucks adding forward Andrei Kuzmenko is picking up steam

Wake With Elias: Brad Shaw to Chicago?

Canucks assistant coach Brad Shaw has garnered some interest from the Chicago Blackhawks

Wake With Elias: Off-Season Tidbits

Off-season odds and ends come in as the playoffs roll on


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