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Wake With Elias

The daily look at news covering the Canucks, Comets and the rest of the hockey world. Best with a fresh cup of coffee.

Wake With Elias: Demko, Miller in COVID Protocol

COVID-19 continues to be challenging for the Canucks as Thatcher Demko and JT Miller have entered COVID protocols.

Wake With Elias- Jan 19, 2022: A Gutsy Win In Music City

Elias Pettersson and Thatcher Demko lead the Canucks to another big win as Mission: Improbable marches on.

Wake With Elias: Canucks Drop Second Straight

The Canucks took their second consecutive loss in Florida, with a 4-2 loss to the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Wake With Elias- Jan 12, 2022: Canucks Tumble Back To Reality In Florida

It’s almost like we forgot that they’re not that good or something.

Wake With Elias: COVID and Still No Games

COVID protocols continue to slow down the Canucks’ schedule.

Wake With Elias- Jan 5, 2022: McDavid Tests Positive For COVID

The Oilers and Leafs could be without their best players as they face off tonight.

Wake With Elias: Rutherford drops GM hints & Brian Hamilton’s story goes viral

Nothing but good vibes so far in 2022.

Wake With Elias: The Streak Ends at Seven

With a 2-1 shootout loss to the LA Kings, the Canucks’ win streak has halted at seven games.

Wake With Elias: Merry Canucks-mas

Only a few tidbits of Canucks news as COVID and the holidays slow things down.

Wake With Elias: Smyl Promoted and COVID Raises Questions

Stan Smyl received a promotion and the COVID surge raises questions around the Canucks.

Wake With Elias- December 16, 2021: Canucks Head To San Jose Amid COVID concerns

The Vancouver Canucks are one of the hottest teams in the NHL right now as they look to make it 6-0-0 since hiring Bruce Boudreau. Will another COVID outbreak halt this streak in its tracks?

Wake With Elias- December 11, 2021: Streak(ish) Canucks Get It Done Again

They couldn’t hold the lead, but sealed the deal in Uncle Gary’s Super Fun Trick Shot Contest with a Forsberg-ian delight from Elias Pettersson.

Wake With Elias: Rutherford is In

After an apparently brief search, the Canucks have landed on Jim Rutherford as their President of Hockey Operations.

Wake With Elias: Rumour SZN takes hold as Gilman’s name surfaces for Canucks’ GM job

You can even place bets who the next GM of the Canucks might be.

Wake With Elias- December 6, 2021: Jim Benning’s Reign Of Error Comes To An End

With a house cleaning this messy, it has to be the Canucks.

Wake With Elias- December 4, 2021: Hamonic Back To Abby

The Canucks are back from that five game road trip, but Travis Hamonic is headed back to Abbotsford.

Wake With Elias: The Canucks Are Back?

Nothing has really changed, but two wins have increased spirits... If only slightly.

Wake With Elias- December 2, 2021: Big Night From The D in Ottawa

Multi point nights from Quinn Hughes and... Luke Schenn (?!?!) help the Canucks crush the cellar-dwelling Sens

Wake With Elias: Horvat’s name in trade rumours & Canadiens pounce on free agent executive

Dark days for the Canucks now seem normal.

Wake With Elias: Miller’s comments highlight the Canucks’ sad state of disarray

The Canucks are broken.

Wake With Elias- November 21, 2021: Feels Like I’ve Been Here Before

The Canucks have us on a nostalgia kick right now. The problem is, it’s part of their history we’d rather forget.

Wake With Elias- November 21, 2021: The Conspiracy Theory Stage

And because things can never get too stupid when it comes to following this team, now we have conspiracy theories about a meeting between EP40 and the owner.

Wake With Elias: Canucks on the Hot Seat

The Canucks, at all levels of the organization, are facing scrutiny for the current performance of the club.

Wake With Elias- November 18, 2021: Nothing Changes

Yeah, I am so done with style points, moral victories and searching for bright spots. This team is an unmitigated disaster and there is zero accountability.

Wake With Elias- November 15, 2021: Do Something

Even with the talent of their top players, this might end up being one of the worst teams this franchise has ever put on the ice. It’s long past time to address this.

Wake With Elias- November 14, 2021: It Just Gets Worse

Another brutal, embarrassing loss for the team that Jim Benning told us was ready to make the playoffs.

Wake With Elias: A Devastating Loss and Questions to Answer

After an atrocious loss to the Colorado Avalanche, the Canucks have some serious questions to answer about the future.

Wake With Elias- November 10, 2021: Moral Victory Szn

The far better team settles for a single point as Gibson steals one yet again.

Wake With Elias- November 9, 2021: Ovi Ties Hull, Danault Dominates The Leafs

Alex Ovechkin with another milestone last night, the Panthers streak ends and more.

Wake With Elias- November 8, 2021: Power Surge As Canucks Stomp Stars

A big night for the Lotto Line and the power play as the Canucks get a much-needed win over Dallas.

Wake With Elias- November 6, 2021: Well, Isn’t That Special...

The Vancouver Canucks continue to be the bane of my existence, the reason we’re all drinking more and the primary reason this team is losing games.

Wake With Elias- November 3, 2021: Miller Thriller In OT Comeback Win For The Canucks

J.T. Miller did it to the Rangers again, as the Canucks battle back for a well-deserved OT win at home last night.


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