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Wake With Elias

The daily look at news covering the Canucks, Comets and the rest of the hockey world. Best with a fresh cup of coffee.

Wake With Elias: Young Stars Returns

After a pandemic-induced hiatus, the Canucks Young Stars tournament is returning to Pentiction

Wake With Elias- June 21, 2022: Bolts Battle Back In Game Three, Kuzmenko Chooses Canucks

Tampa gets some big goals en route to a big Game Three win, and a prized KHL free agent is coming to Vancouver.

Wake With Elias: Kuzmenko Talk Heats Up

Talk of the Canucks adding forward Andrei Kuzmenko is picking up steam

Wake With Elias: Brad Shaw to Chicago?

Canucks assistant coach Brad Shaw has garnered some interest from the Chicago Blackhawks

Wake With Elias: Off-Season Tidbits

Off-season odds and ends come in as the playoffs roll on

Wake With Elias- June 1, 2022: Goaltending, Schmoaltending.

A wild night in Denver as the Avs and Oilers get into a Game One shootout that was everything we expected.

Wake With Elias: Karlsson Signs

The Canucks got around to signing top SHL prospect Linus Karlsson

Wake With Elias: Draft and Prospects Talk

With the season well behind the Canucks, focus has shifted to the draft and the pipeline

Wake With Elias: Canucks Go International

We wish a few Canucks well on their new World Championship adventure

Wake With Elias: Prospect Problems

An Abbotsford playoff loss has led to discussion around some key prospects, and the future of the Canucks’ pipeline

Wake With Elias: Comeback (Over the) Kings

In a somewhat meaningless game, the Canucks took a rousing 3-2 OTW over the LA Kings

Wake With Elias- April 27, 2022: Canucks Win, Yet Still Lose

The Canucks did what they had to in order to keep their slim playoff dreams alive, but didn’t get the help they needed on the out of town scoreboard.

Wake With Elias: A Wild End to Playoff Hope

A 6-3 loss to the Minnesota Wild almost certainly puts an end to the Canucks’ playoff dreams

Wake With Elias: A Routing of the Coyotes

The Canucks destroyed the Coyotes once again, this time 7-1

Wake With Elias- April 11, 2022: Dallas Does It Again, Dammit.

Relying on help from other teams is never good, and the Dallas Stars are going to keep the Canucks from making the post-season because of this.

Wake With Elias: Another 5-1 Win

The Canucks put up their second straight 5-1 win, beating the Arizona Coyotes

Wake With Elias- April 6, 2022: Injuries And Illness Plaguing The Canucks. Again.

With Poolman, Hoglander and possibly Boeser potentially done for the year and a stomach illness working its way through the dressing room, the Canucks are as good as done this season.

Wake With Elias: Boudreau Extension Debate Begins

With the playoff dream looking dead, some attention has shifted to the future of coach Bruce Boudreau.

Wake With Elias- Mar 29, 2022: Canucks Blow It Big Time Against The Blues.

The Canucks fall back to reality in the final game of their road trip, and the Senators announce the passing of owner Eugene Melnyk.

Wake With Elias- March 27, 2022: Demko, Pettersson Shine In Massive Win Over Dallas

After his performance last night, Big D is actually Demko.

Wake With Elias: A Wild Loss

The Canucks lost a tight 3-2 contest to the Wild in overtime

Wake With Elias- Mar 23,2022: Running The Central Division Gauntlet

In a road swing that will essentially decide their playoff fate, the Canucks take on four of the Central Division’s top five teams over the next six days.

Wake With Elias- Mar 22,2022: The Deadline Has Passed (Sort Of).

A busy deadline day could see some of the day’s big moves overshadowed by one that gets rejected by the NHL.

Wake With Elias: A Brutal Loss to Detroit

In what could prove a costly loss, the Red Wings took down the Canucks 1-0

Wake With Elias- Mar 15, 2022: Matthews Suspended, Avs Deal For Manson

DoPS suspends the league’s top goal scorer, while Colorado starts to load up for a Cup run, and Brandon Sutter skates with the team for the first time since getting long COVID.

Wake With Elias- Mar 13, 2022: Lightning In Town To Face Canucks

The Tampa Bay Lightning had no answer for Connor McDavid last night in Edmonton

Wake With Elias- Mar 12, 2022: Canucks Battle Back For A Big Point In OT Loss

If you’re gonna lose right now, you better at least get a point out of it, and the Canucks did that by getting to OT in a loss to the Capitals.

Wake With Elias: Trade Deadline Rumblings Continue

In the lead up to the trade deadline, there remain key decisions for Canucks management.

Wake With Elias- Mar 6, 2022: Canucks Win A Weird One In TO, Sweep Season Series

A second straight third period comeback win for the Canucks as they take the season series against the Leafs and more importantly, 3 of 4 on this Eastern road jaunt.

Wake With Elias: Canucks Beat the Isles

The Canucks took down the Islanders 4-3

Wake With Elias- Mar 2, 2022: CCM Cuts Ties With Ovechkin, Others In Response To Invasion Of Ukraine

As the IIHF responds with further actions, hockey companies like CCM are addressing endorsement deals with Russian players like Alexander Ovechkin

Wake With Elias: Miller Lifts Canucks Over Sharks

Another JT Miller OT winner gave the Canucks a 5-4 win over San Jose


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