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Wake With Elias

The daily look at news covering the Canucks, Comets and the rest of the hockey world. Best with a fresh cup of coffee.

Wake With Elias: We’re Ramping Up

Some new tidbits of news coming out as we ramp up to training camp.

Wake With Elias- Sept 15, 2021: Canucks Announce Rookie Camp Roster

We’re getting closer to training camp as the rookies prepare to hit the ice tomorrow.

Wake With Elias: Bo Horvat Advocates for Vaccines

Captain Bo Horvat speaks out in favour of the COVID-19 vaccines.

Wake With Elias: Could Quinn Hughes sign a deal north of $8 million per season?

Also, Podkolzin arrives in Vancouver.

Wake With Elias- Sept 4, 2021: NHL, IIHF Strike Deal On Olympic Participation

NHL’ers will head to Beijing later this winter as the NHL and IIHF have come to terms on player participation.

Wake With Elias: Loui Will Not Miss Us

Loui Eriksson expresses that his time with Vancouver was not ideal.

Wake With Elias: Pettersson and Svechnikov

The Andrei Svechnikov extension may have implications for the future of Elias Pettersson.

Wake With Elias: Pettersson Wants to Win

Pettersson wants to win. It’s August, folks.

Wake With Elias: The Prospects Are Getting Ready

Top prospects like Vasili Podkolzin and Danila Klimovich are in the midst of their offseason prep.

Wake With Elias: Rounding Up a Crazy Week

This week was chaos, and we’re here to give you some links about it.

Wake With Elias: Off-Season Rumours Abound

The rumour mill is in full swing for the off-season

Wake With Elias: The Sedins’ Start

A new era of Sedinery begins with this week’s stories and announcements.

Wake With Elias: Sam Reinhart to Vancouver?

Lots of debate this week around whether Sam Reinhart is worth the 9th overall pick.

Wake With Elias: Coaching News!

The Canucks have announced some extensions and some new additions to their coaching staff.

Wake With Elias: Vancouver Ca-Ninth Overalls

Lots of reflection on the Canucks’ ninth overall pick and what should happen with it.

Wake With Elias: Canucks Are Quiet

After a rousing couple of weeks, the Canucks have gone quiet for a little bit.

Wake With Elias: Green’s Contract Gets Green Light?

Travis Green looks to be getting a new contract — finally — with the Vancouver Canucks.

Wake With Elias: Toffoli Speaks Out

Former Canuck Tyler Toffoli wrote about his experience in Vancouver in The Players’ Tribune

Wake With Elias: Canucks Take Down Oilers 6-3

After a long stretch of losing, the Canucks took down the Edmonton Oilers 6 to 3.

What is next for your Canucks’ 2020/21 Overseas Prospects?

Where will they land for their 2021/22 hockey seasons?

Wake With Elias: Leafs, Loss, and Lind

The Canucks lose 4-1 to the Toronto Maple Leafs in Kole Lind’s debut

Wake With Elias: Sens Down Canucks

The Senators took down the Canucks in a 3-0 Vancouver loss.

Wake With Elias: All Canucks cleared from COVID-19 list. Will Comets be cleared from Utica?

We also touch on Edler’s suspension and Gadjovich’s stellar AHL campaign.

Wake With Elias: Weekend Games Postponed

The Canucks’ weekend tilts against the Oilers and Maple Leafs have been postponed

Wake With Elias- April 15, 2021: Miller Drops Bombs On Forcing The Canucks Back To Play

We’re so not used to NHL players actually speaking their minds, that it was shocking to hear the honesty of Miller calling into question the NHL forcing the Canucks to return to play.

Wake With Elias: Tanner Pearson Extended

Tanner Pearson has signed a three-year extension for some reason

Wake With Elias: COVID Sidelines Canucks Until April 6th

The Canucks’ COVID-19 protocols continue on.

Wake With Elias: What we know about the Canucks COVID Timeline

They’re stuck in limbo after the team confirmed multiple cases.

Wake With Elias: 650 Makes Changes, Adds Former 1040 Hosts

Sportsnet 650 has added a number of former TSN 1040 hosts who were left jobless after Bell Media shut down the long-running station.

Wake With Elias- March 24, 2021: Injury Toll Continues To Mount

I suppose that’s one way to rebuild your lineup...

Wake With Elias: Playoff Positivity?

The Canucks are kinda sorta maybe making things interesting.

Wake With Elias: Canucks Remain Directionless

The Canucks continue to face tension between the short- and long-term priorities.


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