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Travis Green Era

Wake With Elias- December 6, 2021: Jim Benning’s Reign Of Error Comes To An End

With a house cleaning this messy, it has to be the Canucks.

All My Draft Picks

Rumours of factions being formed, as everyone waits for the axe to fall. This is starting to feel more like a soap opera than a hockey team.

Nucks Misconduct Roundtable: The All Hope Is Lost Edition

Hope is for suckers.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME FIFTEEN: Canucks @ Vegas- Nov 13, 2021

The Canucks are coming off probably the worst loss of Jim Benning’s tenure as General Manager as they head into Vegas tonight. Anything less than a dominant win is simply not good enough.

Canucks’ Overseas Prospects are gearing up for their 2021/22 Hockey Seasons

10 across-the-pond players to track this season.

What is next for your Canucks’ 2020/21 Overseas Prospects?

Where will they land for their 2021/22 hockey seasons?

2020 Canucks Top 25 Under 25: #4 Vasily Podkolzin

Will he be able to produce significant offensive numbers at the NHL level?

2020 Canucks Top 25 Under 25: #6 Nils Hoglander

Is the Swedish Puck Magician ready to crack the Vancouver Canucks’ NHL roster?

5 Reasons why your Vancouver Canucks will be even better in 2021

Don’t be surprised if they win the NHL’s Canada North Division title

2020 Canucks Top 25 under 25: #16 Lukas Jasek

Canucks’ 2015 6th round pick makes successful transition from right winger to two-way centerman

Vasily Podkolzin’s ‘yo-yo’ season in Russia continues

Will he play in Edmonton? How soon might he join the Canucks?

KHL’s 2020/21 Regular Season is set to open on September 2nd amid Covid-19 concerns

Will it go smoothly for Vancouver Canucks prospects and alumni?

KHL Starts Up Preseason Action in Front of Socially Distanced Crowds

Tryamkin wins and Podkolzin travels to Sochi.

Vasily Podkolzin continues to shine while Covid-19 threat rages around him.

Meanwhile, TSN 1040’s Rick Dhaliwal sleeps with one eye open

When a Championship Cup is on the line it is time for Jay Beagle to shine!

Beagle is the only hockey player in history to earn a pro Cup trifecta

Has Zack MacEwen replaced Jake Virtanen on the Canucks’ right wing depth chart ahead of the play-ins?

Shotgun demoted to extra forward at today’s practice.

What might the Canucks moving on from Nikita Tryamkin reveal about their 2020/21 defence plans?

Is Tyson Barrie still on GM Jim Benning’s radar?

Vasily Podkolzin’s final KHL season prior to joining the Canucks is underway

His KHL contract expires on April 30th, 2021

Which Vancouver Canucks’ player is most likely to break an NHL Lockdown in order to get a haircut?

It’s a hair-raising question!

NHL Return to Play Committee closing in on an agreement to complete the 2019/20 season

If it happens your Vancouver Canucks will be one of the 24 clubs lacing their skates up.

What might a Vancouver Canucks Covid-19 expanded playoffs roster look like?

Will the opening post season game have some surprise healthy scratches?

Will the Canucks retain their 1st round pick if the NHL Entry Draft occurs in June?

NHL appears set to proceed with a virtual Draft on June 5th.

The NHL is ramping up for a return to action sooner than later

Reports indicate players have been advised to prepare in May for June training camps.

Nikita Tryamkin’s KHL season ended today.

What’s next up for the Big Friendly Giant?

Canucks’ Overseas Prospects Update

What’s going on with Vancouver’s European and Russian NHL prospects?

The Russians Are Coming!

KHL updates on Canucks’ prospects Podkolzin, Tryamkin and Manukyan.

Why Virtanen’s Emergence, Eriksson’s Resurgence and a Healthy Sutter could lead to a Parade this June

Dare Canucks’ fans dream of Lord Stanley’s Cup finally coming to visit his Vancouver Park this summer?

Jim Benning’s Trade Deadline Dilemma: Buy, Sell or Stand Pat?

The NHL trade deadline date is set for February 24th. How will it unfold for your Vancouver Canucks?

Guess which team has the best young trio of Centers in the NHL right now?

Darn right, it is your Vancouver Canucks! And it is not even close.

2019 Nucks Misconduct NHL Trade Deadline-a-Palooza

Are you ready for the possibility nothing’s gonna change?!?!?!?!


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