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Canucks Trades

SB Nation Reacts: 3 Burning Questions Responses

We asked you three important questions about the #Canucks heading into the 2022 NHL Entry Draft, and the results were a little surprising.

Wake With Elias- Mar 22,2022: The Deadline Has Passed (Sort Of).

A busy deadline day could see some of the day’s big moves overshadowed by one that gets rejected by the NHL.

2022 NHL Trade Deadline-A-Palooza

Who stays? Who goes? All the deals on the last day to load up for a Cup run or plan for next year and beyond.

Nucks Misconduct’s 2020 NHL Trading Deadline-a-palooza!

Prepare yourself for a possible day of absolutely nothing, or complete and utter chaos...

How Swede it is!

Updates on Canucks’ Swedish Prospects Hoglander, Karlsson and Costmar.

Jim Benning’s Trade Deadline Dilemma: Buy, Sell or Stand Pat?

The NHL trade deadline date is set for February 24th. How will it unfold for your Vancouver Canucks?

2019 Nucks Misconduct NHL Trade Deadline-a-Palooza

Are you ready for the possibility nothing’s gonna change?!?!?!?!

What Would You Do: Trade Deadline 2019

Alright, smart guy/girl. Show us what you got.

Canucks Trade Nilsson, Archibald to Ottawa for McKenna, Pyatt

Is it Thatcher Demko’s time? Anders Nilsson gets a fresh start as the Canucks make a game day deal with the Sens.

Canucks trade Philip Holm to Vegas for Brendan Leipsic

Well, this wasn’t the trade we were expecting...

2018 NHL Trade DeadlineAPalooza

It’s here at last. Someone go wake up Jim & Trev!

Canucks trade Jordan Subban to LA for Nic Dowd

Perhaps they got tired of us asking "When is Subban gonna get his chance?"

2017 NHL Trading Deadline- Jimbo's Er... Revenge?

Okay that may be overselling it a tad, but so far Jim Benning has been looking rather like a competent GM, making deals that brought in prospects for Alex Burrows and Jannik Hansen. What will happen next? Grab some coffee and join us, won't you?

Canucks Trade McCann for Gudbranson

Gudbranson is good. right ? Also, we do a lot of trades with Florida, eh?


If you're up at 5 am like us, you must be a hockey fan. Or stupid. Probably both. Either way, today could be a monumental one for the direction of the Vancouver Canucks. Grab some coffee and join us, won't you?

History Of Canucks GM Jim Benning's Trades, Signings, Draft Picks & More

Kevin Bieksa Traded To Anaheim For 2nd Round Pick

Once again the Canucks move a lifer to Southern California because you're vexed so just get used to it already.

Eddie Lack Traded To Carolina For...Not Much


Goalies are at a premium on the NHL trade market

If the Canucks can get a return similar to what the Sabres got for Lehner, Vancouver's goalie circus might finally end with a solid, unquestionably good decision.

UPDATE: Nope, he's a King. Nevermind.

Isn't hockey strange?

Report: Benning Shopping Lack For High Draft Pick

Featured Fanshot

You're the one that wanted out!

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Baertschi the Bargain?

Canucks Trade Rumors: Matthias Available?

It has been no secret that Zack Kassian is available for trade before the March 2 trade deadline. But now Shawn Matthias is reportedly available too? What?

Canucks Trade Rumors: Lack, Markstrom, Kassian and More

A Canucks rumor roundup, if you will.

Canucks Acquire Defenceman Clendening From Blackhawks

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Glimpses Behind the Curtain

A few looks behind the scenes as Jim Benning and staff talk Kesler / Garrison trades as well as at the draft table

Canucks Trade Garrison To Tampa, Acquire Dorsett

Jim Benning is saving cap space all over the place, and making the team tougher.


New Canucks GM Jim Benning wasn't kidding when he said he wasn't concerned with trading within the division...

Trade Deadline Day Threadapalooza

Is this gonna be another NHL trade deadline where all the best trades happen the day before the deadline? Probably. Are the Canucks gonna trade Ryan Kesler? Maybe. Am I still asleep? Most likely.

Canucks, Sens swap prospects

The Canucks have sent D Patrick Mullen to Ottawa for LW Jeff Costello

The Weise For Diaz Deal: What's Being Said


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