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Hockey and how it needs to address Russia and Ukraine

With the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces, the IIHF and NHL have to respond with more than words.

SB Nation Reacts: Most NHL Fans Don’t See The Kraken As A Playoff Team

A lot of predictions penciled the Kraken in the post-season, but the fans don’t seem to agree.

Confidence in Aquilini-run Canucks reaching an all-time low

Never in 15 years of Aquilini ownership have the Canucks endured a season as bad as this.

Bubble Hockey Predictions: Eastern Conference Round One

There were some upsets, and now 8 teams battle it out to be the Beast from the East

Bubble Hockey Predictions: Western Conference Round One

After defeating the Minnesota Wild in 4 games the Canucks are set to take on the St Louis Blues. Prediction time!

Nucks Misconduct Roundtable: The Brackett Fallout, BC Looks To Let The NHL In, The Wild (again) And More

Another edition of the NM Roundtable looking at some of the more recent issues facing our beloved boys in Blue & Green.

Addressing Racism, In The Community And In The Game

As the protests over the murder of George Floyd continue to grow, the NHL, its teams and its players are (slowly) starting to make their voices heard.

Nucks Misconduct Roundtable: Is this real or fantasy & Benning’s best trade

Once again we gather around an imaginary table and shoot the poop about our beloved Canucks.

Nucks Misconduct is going dark on Monday in support of SBN NHL writers in California.

In solidarity with the writers of SBN’s California blogs, who are losing their jobs thanks to a law passed earlier this year.

Canucks Trade Rumors: Hamhuis Likely To Return On Saturday

Three Questions...

While it's pretty safe to say that there's a heck of a lot more than three questions when it comes to this team, as part of SB Nation's season preview we've been tasked with providing 3 questions concerning the Canucks this season, and now we try and answer them.

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WHL players are getting shafted

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The NHL lied to us..they hate goals.

No player will reach 100 points this year. This hasn’t happened in a regular season since 2003-04.

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The Defensive Decision Ahead.

Me Grimlock Like Big Hits

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Sitting Inside My Head

The way I see it is that the NHL currently punishes the injury not the crime.

The Age Of The Goons Is Over?

The whole concussion saga is far from over. There are many ways to minimalize it but one way to cure it.


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