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Off Topic Open Threads

Addressing Racism, In The Community And In The Game

As the protests over the murder of George Floyd continue to grow, the NHL, its teams and its players are (slowly) starting to make their voices heard.

The Music Thread

An open thread to share what you’re grooving to in quarantine!

Wake With Elias- March 16, 2020: Canucks Staffer Tests Positive For COVID-19

The team made the announcement last night, and what steps it will be taking in the wake of this news.

Let’s Talk Day 2019

Today and every day. Talk. Listen. Share. Support.

Five Hole For Food: Vancouver and Victoria Roll Call

This year's Five Hole For Food tour is back home in BC for the final two dates, today in Victoria and Saturday in Vancouver. We want to know if you will play hockey for food?

2014/15 NHL Playoffs Open Thread

GAME DAY- World U20 Championships: Canada vs Germany

It didn't take long for Canada to score in last night's game against the Slovaks, and when they did, the results were often highlight reel goals as they cruised to an 8-0 victory. Winnipeg Jets prospect Eric Comrie will get the start in goal as the Canadians look to go 2-0 with a win over Germany.

Game Day- World U20 World Championships: Canada vs Slovakia

The Holiday tradition continues, and this time, Canada is hosting the annual World Junior Hockey Championships. It's in a number of communities in Quebec and Ontario, with the major games in Toronto & Montreal. Today Team Canada looks to correct an embarrassing gold medal drought by starting their quest against the Slovaks

OT Thread: Merry Christmas Ya Punks!

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August OT Open Thread

What are your top 5 travel destinations and things about summer?

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July OT Thread

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Superbowl Weekend/Off-Topic Thread

101st Grey Cup- Hamilton at Saskatchewan

It's the biggest day in Canadian Football, as the Hamilton Tiger Cats are in Regina to take on the hometown Saskatchewan Roughriders. It's gonna be cold. And it's gonna be awesome.

Open Thread: Life In A Northern Town

Open Thread: Name Your 3 Fave Alcoholic Drinks's a long weekend in BC and you're going to get drunk and stuff...

August 15 And Beyond Open Thread

Open Thread: 3 Things To Do Before You Croak

July 12 And Beyond Open Thread: How's Your Summer?

Blackhawks Win The Stanley Cup! Open Thread

It's over. Finally.

Stanley Cup Semi-Finals Open Thread

Who do YOU think will meet in the Stanley Cup Finals?

Weekend Open Thread: Met Any Celebrities?

Hockey / OT Open Thread: What Are You Watching?

Archer, Game Of Thrones, Hockey...

Saturday Night's Alright: Open Thread

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Open Thread for the Weekend

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OT Thread: Top 3 Celebs You Would Like To Meet

Open Thread: Name Your Top 5 Fave Cartoons

Open Thread: What Music Are You Listening To?

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