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NHL Playoffs

Wake With Elias- May 9, 2022: Troy From Richmond Is Now Troy From L.A.

Troy Stecher got a chance in the lineup Sunday night for the LA Kings and made the most of it.

Nucks Misconduct Roundtable: Extremely Long Odds Edition

The Canucks refuse to die, in spite of overwhelming odds against them. This week we discuss the possibility of miracles, the playoffs as they currently stand and more.

The Stanley Cup Finals Are Set As Montreal Takes On Tampa

The Habs vs The Lightning: Who ya got?

The 2021 Nucks Misconduct Playoff Prediction Thread: Round One


Vasily Podkolzin’s road to Vancouver hits a detour with a demotion to the VHL

Next stop for Podz likely to be another step down to Russia’s U20 National junior team.

Three Reasons for Excitement About These Canucks...And Two Causes for Concern

Are you more excited or worried about the Canucks in Round One?

NHL 2020 Playoffs: Play-in Round Open Thread Day 4

6 games on tap today including the first elimination game of the 2020 Playoffs and the Canucks looking to get back in their series against the Wild.


Playoff hockey is (almost) back in Vancouver (sort of)!!!

Wake With Elias- Aug 2, 2020: Hockey’s Back, Baby!

The NHL Playoffs got underway with 5 Play-in Round games that featured a couple amazing performances, a couple huge upsets, and a couple big injuries.

Presenting: The Vancouver Wild / Minnesota Canucks

Combining Canucks and Wild alumni rosters to create to most mediocre team in NHL history.

NHL 2020 Playoffs: Play-in Round Open Thread Day 1

It seemed impossible at one point, but we are thrilled to say that hockey’s back!

SBN Reacts: So You’re Saying There’s A Chance?

To the surprise of almost no one, Vancouver fans are pretty sure it won’t be Bo Horvat and the Canucks will be the ones raising the Cup in October.

Bubble Hockey Predictions: Eastern Conference Play-In Round

With the (sort of, almost) playoffs set to start August 1st (weird, right?), we’re predicting who will win in the East.

Bubble Hockey Predictions: Western Conference Play-In Round

Will any of our writers pick against the Canucks?

Vasily Podkolzin continues to shine while Covid-19 threat rages around him.

Meanwhile, TSN 1040’s Rick Dhaliwal sleeps with one eye open

GAME DAY PREVIEW (!!!): Canucks vs Winnipeg Jets- July 29, 2020

Pardon our language, but... Holy shit! There’s a Canucks game on tonight!

The 6 Best Storylines from Canucks Training Camp

Hockey is back and the Canucks’ boast a ton of feel-good stories heading into the restart. What a world.

Wake With Elias: King Edler, Bubble Life & Hockey is BACK!

The puck drops today for the first time in 4.5 months.

Wake With Elias- July 25, 2020: Bubble Trouble.

As teams make their way to Toronto and Edmonton for the Play-in tournament, the NHL is taking heat over media access.

Nucks Misconduct Roundtable: Phase 3 Moves Ahead, Boeser Talk, The Future Of Jack Attacks And More...

Training camps are up and running, and so is the Canucks rumour mill as the Roundtable returns for another week.

Hashtag Leave Jake Alone | Sippin’ On A Coffee

No more Mr. Not Nice Guy

Wake With Elias: Hughes One Of 3 Up For The Calder Trophy, Tryamkin Re-signs In KHL, And More...

Quinn Hughes and Cale Makar being announced as Rookie Of The Year Finalists was no surprise, but Dominik Kubalik’s nomination was.

Wake With Elias- July 13, 2020: Training Camps Open, Canadiens Quarantining Already And More

Just hours before the 24 playoff teams open their training camps, word breaks in Montreal of multiple infections of Canadiens players.

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Configuring the Canucks’ Best Line Combinations Using Analytics (And Maybe Even Logic...)

With the return of hockey around the corner, it’s time for a little rosterbation.

Wake With Elias: July 11, 2020- Game On! Opt Out!

Now that the NHL and NHLPA have agreed on all the details AND signed a CBA extension, all that’s left is training camp and the games themselves. Easy peasy, right?

Vasily Podkolzin’s final KHL season prior to joining the Canucks is underway

His KHL contract expires on April 30th, 2021

Sippin’ On A Coffee | No Role Modelz

Look around you...

Wake With Elias- June 29. 2020: Hub Cities Could Be Announced Today (Maybe... Maybe Not)

There’s rumblings we might finally know where the NHL thinks they’re going to be able to hold playoff games.

SMRT: Revisiting The Season Prediction Post

Come with us back in time, to a magical time and place. No coronavirus, and the Canucks had yet to lose a game. Today we take a look at how Westy and I fared in our season predictions.

Wake With Elias- June 22/20: Is Vancouver A Hub City, and Andrew Walker Is Wrong (Again).

There’s a lot of rumblings we can expect to see Vancouver and Vegas announced in the coming days as Hub Cities for the NHL Playoffs. And once again, Andrew Walker is stirring up shit, this time about the Class Action Suit against the Canadian Hockey League.

Wake With Elias- June 16, 2020: Buffalo Wild Wingnuts; Way To Not Screw Up, Gary And More...

The PM supports Canadian bids for NHL Hub Cities, and what the holy hell are they doing in Buffalo???

Wake With Elias- June 15, 2020: Canadian Cities Not Out Of The Running To Host NHL Playoff Games (Yet)

There’s still a chance that Vancouver, Edmonton or Toronto could be a Hub City for the upcoming return of NHL hockey, but that all hinges of support from the Canadian government.


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