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NHL Pacific Division

Game Day Preview #49: Jan 27, 2023- Canucks vs Columbus

Back to earth for the Canucks, who got a rude awakening and a reminder they are definitely not the best hockey team in the Pacific Northwest on Wednesday. Tonight, they play host to the NHL’s worst team, and I am sure everything will be fine.

Game Day Preview #48: Jan 25, 2023- Canucks @ Seattle

After a successful debut of new head coach Rick Tocchet against one of those teams that’s definitely not tanking according to Uncle Gary, the Canucks move on to take on the Kraken in Seattle. Will this be the night that they finally lose to the team down the road?

Game Day Preview #47: Jan 24, 2023- Canucks vs Chicago

The Rick Tocchet era begins with a game against one of the hottest teams in the NHL: The Chicago Blackhawks. Wait... what???

Game Day Preview #46: Jan 21, 2023- Canucks vs Edmonton

I don’t even know where to begin, because this whole thing continues to get worse.

Game Day Preview #44: Jan 18, 2023- Canucks vs Tampa

A miserable road trip ends on a high note despite the sad news of the passing of a Canucks legend. Now they’re home, ready to pay tribute to Gino Odjick and get another crack at the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Game Day Preview #43: Jan 15, 2023- Canucks @ Carolina

The last stop on the January Magical Misery Tour is in Raleigh, as a tired Canucks team looks to avoid going winless on the trip against the Carolina Hurricanes. And a win here is crucial, because Bruce Boudreau’s job likely depends on it.

Game Day Preview #42: Jan 14, 2023- Canucks @ Florida

The Magical Misery Tour heads south as the Canucks, fresh off another loss in Tampa, roll into Sunrise to take on the Panthers.

Game Day Preview #41: Jan 12, 2023- Canucks @ Tampa Bay

You really have to hand it to the Canucks and their ability to find new ways to lose games. The next stop on the Magical Misery Tour is Tampa, and I am sure everything will be fine in this one. Mhm.

Game Day Preview #40: Jan 10, 2023- Canucks @ Pittsburgh

As we near the halfway point in yet another frustrating season of watching this hockey club, it’s the same old story: Not good enough, and not bad enough for things to ever change. Anyway, they limp into Pittsburgh after another embarrassing defeat in Winnipeg Sunday.

Game Day Preview #39: Jan 8, 2023- Canucks @ Winnipeg

The Canucks are coming off an impressive win over Colorado as they start a 5 game in 8 night road trip in Winnipeg.

Game Day Preview #38: Jan 5, 2023- Canucks vs Colorado

The Canucks are in the most difficult stretch of their season, and anything less than going on an absolute tear over the next 9 games means they can kiss the post-season goodbye.

Game Day Preview #37: Jan 3, 2023- Canucks vs New York Islanders

Fresh off another loss, the Canucks return home after dropping two straight on the road, as the New York Islanders make their annual visit to Rogers Arena.

Game Day Preview #36: Dec 31/22- Canucks @ Calgary

Coming off an embarrassing (for numerous reasons) loss in Winnipeg, the Canucks look to end 2022 with another win in Calgary tonight.

Game Day Preview #35: Dec 29/22- Canucks @ Winnipeg

Fresh off a third straight win, the Canucks head to Winnipeg, and a chance for a little payback against the Jets.

Game Day Preview #34: Dec 27/22- Canucks vs San Jose

The Holiday break is over and the Canucks are back at it, with the first of 3 games over the next 5 nights as they host the San Jose Sharks.

Game Day Preview #33: Dec 23/22- Canucks @ Edmonton

After a jaw-dropping performance from Elias Pettersson last night, the Canucks are off to balmy Edmonton to face the Oilers in their last game before the holiday break.

Game Day Preview #32: Dec 22/22- Canucks vs Seattle

Sometimes, you can feel a loss coming from a mile away, and with the much-improved Kraken looking for their first ever win over the Canucks, well...

Game Day Preview And Game Thread #31: Dec 19/22- Canucks vs St Louis

After serving up another pathetic effort on home ice, the Canucks look to get back on track as they play host to the St Louis Blues tonight at Rogers Arena.

Game Day Preview And Game Thread #30: Dec 14/22- Canucks vs Winnipeg

After a shootout win in Calgary, the Canucks are back home for the first of three straight. Will they be without Elias Pettersson as they take on the Jets for the first time this season?

Game Day Preview #29: Dec 14/22- Canucks @ Calgary

After another brutal performance Saturday against the Wild, the Canucks head to Calgary for their first meeting of the season against the Flames.

GAME DAY PREVIEW: Game 1- Canucks @ Edmonton Oilers

The 2022-23 campaign begins tonight as the Canucks kick off the season with a five game road trip starting in Edmonton.

GAME DAY PREVIEW: Canucks vs Edmonton Oilers

The Canucks return from Edmonton to host the Oilers in Abbotsford tonight, hoping a more experienced lineup translates into a different outcome than Monday’s disasterpiece.

GAME DAY PREVIEW: Canucks @ Edmonton Oilers

The Canucks look to avoid a fifth straight preseason loss as they head to Edmonton to begin the first of two against the Oilers.

GAME DAY PREVIEW: Canucks vs Seattle Kraken

It’s too early to be feeling the anguish of mounting injuries, but here we are...

Young Stars 2022 Game Thread: Canucks vs Winnipeg Jets

The Young Stars tournament continues with the Canucks prospects looking to go 2-0 as they take on the Winnipeg Jets.

Nucks Misconduct Roundtable: The Don’t Horse (Medicine) Around Edition

Taking a look at Brandon Sutter’s Long COVID recovery among other things this week.

Wake With Elias- June 1, 2022: Goaltending, Schmoaltending.

A wild night in Denver as the Avs and Oilers get into a Game One shootout that was everything we expected.

2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Round Three Open Thread- May 31, 2022

The Western Confernce Finals get under way tonight in Denver as the Avalanche host the Edmonton Oilers.

2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Round One Open Thread- May 24, 2022

With Tampa awaiting the winner, Carolina and the Rangers prepare for a Game Four battle, and the Flames look to rebound after a dismal Game Three performance in Edmonton.

2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Round One Open Thread- May 22, 2022

Tampa and Carolina can put strangleholds on their respective series and the Battle of Alberta moves to Edmonton in Stanley Cup Playoffs tripleheader action!

2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Round One Open Thread- May 15, 2022

Rangers and Penguins then Flames and Stars in two battles to advance to the next round on tap tonight.

Wake With Elias- May 15, 2022: Oilers and Canes move on, Leafs fall (again)

How many times before it becomes tradition? Amid high expectations, the Toronto Maple Leafs lose another first round series.


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