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Wake With Elias- Sept 27, 2021: Kraked Ice

Perhaps the lack of a tv feed was a blessing as the Canucks blow a lead and lose to the new guys.

Wake With Elias- Sept 26, 2021: Canucks Battle The Kraken

The Canucks begin their preseason slate tonight as they take on the NHL’s newest franchise.

Wake With Elias- Sept 9, 2021: Crosby To Miss Season Start, Flames Sign Another Ex-Canuck

Wrist surgery again for Sidney Crosby will mean the Penguins starting the season without their Captain.

Wake With Elias- Sept 4, 2021: NHL, IIHF Strike Deal On Olympic Participation

NHL’ers will head to Beijing later this winter as the NHL and IIHF have come to terms on player participation.

Wake With Elias- March 24, 2021: Injury Toll Continues To Mount

I suppose that’s one way to rebuild your lineup...

Wake With Elias- Jan 14, 2021: Hog Wild In Edmonton

The Vancouver Canucks beat the Oiler5 on the strength of a big night from their top 6.

Wake With Elias- Jan 12, 2021: Loui Takes A Taxi, Canucks Roster Coming Out Today

After the not at all unwelcome news yesterday that the Canucks had waived Loui Eriksson, we should know the lineup today that will head off to Edmonton for tomorrow’s season opener against the Oilers.

Wake With Elias- Jan 4, 2021: Canucks Training Camp Opens, PTO For Hamonic

The Vancouver Canucks officially begin training camp today at Rogers Arena, and are taking a look at bolstering their defence in the process.

Wake With Elias- Dec 31, 2020: Canada And Finland Battle For First At WJC2021

Nothing like some New Years Eve hockey as Team Canada and Finland go toe to toe for 1st place in Group A

Wake With Elias- Dec 30, 2020: Toews Out Indefinitely, Habs Sign Perry and more...

Another NHL star is going to miss a significant amount of the upcoming season, this time it’s Chicago captain Jonathan Toews.

Wake With Elias- Dec 23/20: Finalizing The Return, Ads On Helmets, Most Wonderful Time, Etc...

Though it was painful to watch, the NHL and NHLPA have managed to strike a deal that will see a 2021 season. It’s still unknown where some of the teams will play, including the Canucks.

Wake With Elias- Dec 2, 2020: New Season Start Date In Question, Finland’s Liiga Goes On Pause And More...

With training camps soon to begin, questions are starting to rise about when or even if the next season is happening.

Walk With Elias: Bolts/Isles Game 6, Guerin Gets Weird, And More...

Can the Islanders force a Game 7 tonight? Also, the Canucks broke Bill Guerin, apparently.

NHL 2020 Playoffs: Play-in Round Open Thread Day 2

The Vancouver Canucks are playing meaningful hockey! In August!

Wake With Elias- July 25, 2020: Bubble Trouble.

As teams make their way to Toronto and Edmonton for the Play-in tournament, the NHL is taking heat over media access.

Wake With Elias- July 13, 2020: Training Camps Open, Canadiens Quarantining Already And More

Just hours before the 24 playoff teams open their training camps, word breaks in Montreal of multiple infections of Canadiens players.

Wake With Elias: July 11, 2020- Game On! Opt Out!

Now that the NHL and NHLPA have agreed on all the details AND signed a CBA extension, all that’s left is training camp and the games themselves. Easy peasy, right?

SBN Reacts: Gary Bettman Is A Good Leader.

I’m sorry, what???

Wake With Elias- June 22/20: Is Vancouver A Hub City, and Andrew Walker Is Wrong (Again).

There’s a lot of rumblings we can expect to see Vancouver and Vegas announced in the coming days as Hub Cities for the NHL Playoffs. And once again, Andrew Walker is stirring up shit, this time about the Class Action Suit against the Canadian Hockey League.

Wake With Elias- June 16, 2020: Buffalo Wild Wingnuts; Way To Not Screw Up, Gary And More...

The PM supports Canadian bids for NHL Hub Cities, and what the holy hell are they doing in Buffalo???

Wake With Elias- June 15, 2020: Canadian Cities Not Out Of The Running To Host NHL Playoff Games (Yet)

There’s still a chance that Vancouver, Edmonton or Toronto could be a Hub City for the upcoming return of NHL hockey, but that all hinges of support from the Canadian government.

Wake With Elias- June 8, 2020: Phase 2 Of The NHL Plan To Return Starts Monday

The NHL is going ahead with its plan to bring hockey back by moving to Phase 2 of their plan beginning Monday.

Wake With Elias- June 4, 2020: NHL Announces More Playoff Info, Sens Foundation Parts Ways With Team And More

Addressing Racism, In The Community And In The Game

As the protests over the murder of George Floyd continue to grow, the NHL, its teams and its players are (slowly) starting to make their voices heard.

Wake With Elias- May 25, 2020: SN Serves Up Another Round Of The 1994 Finals Run And More

All this week Sportsnet will be showing the 1994 Western Conference Final series between the Canucks and... the Toronto Maple Leafs?

Wake With Elias- May 24, 2020: NHLPA votes for 24 team playoff. Now what?

The Players Union gave the approval to the league’s proposal of a 24 team post season tournament. There’s so much more that needs to be worked out before they can actually drop the puck, however.

Wake With Elias- May 21, 2020: Restart Edges Closer To Reality, Comets All Stars and more

They still don’t know the how or when or where they’re gonna do it, but they really want us to believe they’re gonna do it.

Self-Isolating With Elias: Wednesday April 8, 2020

Self-Isolate With Elias: Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Eddie Lack hangs ‘em up, more team employees laid off and more...

Self-Isolate With Elias: Sunday, March 29, 2020

Another Avalanche player tests positive for COVID-19, Re-Slaying That Dragon and more...

Self-Isolate With Elias: Friday, March 27, 2020

A Colorado Avalanche player becomes the 3rd NHL to test positive for COVID-19, and we take a look at teams and players doing right in this chaotic time.

Self-Isolate With Elias: Thursday, March 26, 2020

Bauer steps up, the NHL makes some postponements, and how not to social distance, NYC edition.


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