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Canucks Game Preview

GAME DAY PREVIEW: Game 7- Canucks vs Carolina Hurricanes

The hits just keep on coming, with injuries making much needed line combination changes even more of a challenge.

GAME DAY PREVIEW: Game 6- Canucks vs Buffalo Sabres

After a historic (for all the wrong reasons) the Canucks are ready for their home opener. Or are they? It’s starting to look like the only thing they’re ready for is selecting Connor Bedard first overall next summer.

GAME DAY PREVIEW: Game 5- Canucks @ Minnesota Wild

As if things weren’t bad enough, the Canucks will try and wrap up this gong show of a season opening road trip against an opponent who’s always given them fits on the road.

GAME DAY PREVIEW: Game 4- Canucks @ Columbus Blue Jackets

Another night of humiliation for the Canucks, as they get trolled by the Caps, the on ice officials and the NHL Department of ‘Player Safety’. Can’t wait for more of the same tonight in Columbus.

GAME DAY PREVIEW: Game 3- Canucks @ Washington Capitals

It’s way too early to be this depressed about this team, isn’t it?

GAME DAY PREVIEW: Game 2- Canucks @ Philadelphia Flyers

After a frustrating season opener against the Oilers, the Canucks head east for four games starting in the City of Brotherly Love.

GAME DAY PREVIEW: Game 1- Canucks @ Edmonton Oilers

The 2022-23 campaign begins tonight as the Canucks kick off the season with a five game road trip starting in Edmonton.

GAME DAY PREVIEW: Canucks vs Arizona Coyotes

The Canucks wrap up their preseason schedule with a game at home against the Arizona Coyotes.

GAME DAY PREVIEW: Canucks vs Edmonton Oilers

The Canucks return from Edmonton to host the Oilers in Abbotsford tonight, hoping a more experienced lineup translates into a different outcome than Monday’s disasterpiece.

GAME DAY PREVIEW: Canucks @ Edmonton Oilers

The Canucks look to avoid a fifth straight preseason loss as they head to Edmonton to begin the first of two against the Oilers.

GAME DAY PREVIEW: Canucks @ Seattle Kraken

After letting one slip out of their grasp on Thursday night, the Canucks head south for another battle with the Kraken.

GAME DAY PREVIEW: Canucks vs Seattle Kraken

It’s too early to be feeling the anguish of mounting injuries, but here we are...

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME EIGHTY-TWO: Canucks @ Edmonton- Apr 29, 2022

After a thrilling come from behind OT win last night, it’s on to Edmonton, where the Canucks still have a lot to play for as they take on the Oilers.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME EIGHTY-ONE: Canucks vs Los Angeles- Apr 28, 2022

It’s Fan Appreciation night against the Kings, one last home game after falling just short of a miraculous run to the playoffs, as the Canucks end a tumultuous season with a home and away back to back.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME EIGHTY: Canucks vs Seattle- Apr 26, 2022

The last week of the regular season is upon us and it’s time for the annual tradition of just trying to get through these last... wait, they’re still in it? And uh, about the goaltending...

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME SEVENTY-EIGHT: Canucks @ Minnesota- Apr 21, 2022

It’s probably our fault for thinking it was okay to have hope again. That, or the Canucks are truly cursed. Maybe a combination of both?

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME SEVENTY-SEVEN: Canucks vs Ottawa- Apr 19, 2022

Fresh off an absolutely stunning take down of the Dallas Stars, the Canucks head straight into a trap... game. Can they continue to get it done with their seventh in a row as they host the Senators?

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME SEVENTY-SIX: Canucks vs Dallas- Apr 18, 2022

The latest edition of The Biggest Game Of The Year has the Dallas Stars in town to take on the Canucks. Operation: Run The Table is in effect.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME SEVENTY-FIVE: Canucks vs Arizona- Apr 14, 2022

The Canucks are finding different ways to win, and tricking this wary and weary fan base into believing they can do the impossible. It is a trick, right?

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME SEVENTY-FOUR: Canucks vs Vegas- Apr 12, 2022

Winners of three straight, the Canucks head into a massive game tonight against Vegas with a chance to creep closer to the post-season. And it’s Canucks For Kids Telethon Night, so give if you can!

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME SEVENTY-THREE: Canucks vs San Jose- Apr 9, 2022

After a short Southwest road trip, the Canucks are back home for five straight, starting tonight against the San Jose Sharks.


Coming off a huge night in Vegas, the Canucks face a trap game as they roll through the desert into Arizona for a game against the Coyotes.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME SEVENTY: Canucks vs Vegas- Apr 3, 2022

In light of a slim possibility of making the playoffs slipping from their grasp, the Canucks should do what is right and spoil the party for Vegas.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME SIXTY-NINE: Canucks vs St Louis- Mar 30, 2022

The Canucks can end March on a winning note as they host the Blues tonight, and need a win to keep their slim playoff hopes alive.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME SIXTY-EIGHT: Canucks @ St Louis- Mar 28, 2022

A chance to finish with seven of eight points on an incredibly tough road trip as the Canucks are in St Louis to take on the Blues.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME SIXTY-SEVEN: Canucks @ Dallas- Mar 26, 2022

After taking three of four points in the first two stops on this four game Central swing, the Canucks head to Dallas for the next edition of The Biggest Game Of The Season™

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME SIXTY-SIX: Canucks @ Minnesota- Mar 24, 2022

In the biggest game of the year, the Canucks played their best game of the year, knocking off the league’s best. No time to rest on those laurels though, there’s another giant to slay.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME SIXTY-FIVE: Canucks @ Colorado- Mar 23, 2022

Do or die time starts tonight, as the Canucks try to take on the West’s best in a desperate attempt to keep their playoff dreams alive.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME SIXTY-FOUR: Canucks vs Buffalo- Mar 20, 2022

Another disappointing first period effort in a must-win game all but closes the book on the Canucks playoff aspirations. No time to dwell, as we prepare for what could be an interesting trade deadline.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME SIXTY-THREE: Canucks vs Calgary- Mar 19, 2022

Thanks to totally crapping the proverbial bed against Detroit on Thursday night, the Biggest Game Of The Year is even bigger. Back to back games starting tonight against the Flames.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME SIXTY-TWO: Canucks vs Detroit- Mar 17, 2022

The homestand continues with another opportunity to make amends for a bad road loss, as the Detroit Red Wings roll into Rogers Arena tonight.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME SIXTY-ONE: Canucks vs New Jersey- Mar 15, 2022

It’s another edition of the Battle of the Hughes Brothers, as the Canucks try to find a way to beat the Devils.


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