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Canucks Game Preview

GAME DAY PREVIEW- Game Fifty Six: Canucks vs Calgary

Finally, some mercy for the beleaguered. Not too much, mind you.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- Game Fifty Five: Canucks vs Calgary

An admirable 3rd period comeback, but still another loss as the Canucks trudge onward.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- Game Fifty Four: Canucks @ Calgary

Get on with it so we can get over it.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- Game Fifty Three: Canucks @ Edmonton

Another opportunity to get demolished by the greatest one line team in the history of the NHL? Cool. Cool.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- Game Fifty Two: Canucks @ Calgary

4 of the next 5 games against the Flames? I’m sure everything will be fine and there will be absolutely no silliness whatsoever.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- Game Fifty One: Canucks @ Winnipeg

Who’s ready for some meaningless hockey?

GAME DAY PREVIEW- Game Forty Nine: Canucks @ Edmonton

Which one of you asked "Can this season get any stupider?" because honestly you should all know better than this by now?

GAME DAY PREVIEW- Game Forty Eight: Canucks @ Edmonton

The Canucks can be officially eliminated from the 2021 NHL Playoffs tonight. Thank dog for small mercies.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- Game Forty Seven: Canucks vs Edmonton

Pretty sure we can just hit repeat on yesterday, because it’s probably gonna end the same tonight.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- Game Forty Six: Canucks vs Edmonton

The losses and injuries continue to mount. Perfect timing to have to face Connor McDavid 4 times over the next 6 days, right?

GAME DAY PREVIEW- Game Forty Five: Canucks @ Toronto

The season from hell plods on...

GAME DAY PREVIEW- Game Forty Four: Canucks @ Toronto

We’ve seen a lot of demoralizing, soul-crushing losses over the years, but last night’s might have been one of the worst.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- Game Forty Three: Canucks vs Ottawa

Still hopeful they can make a play for that last spot in the North Division, the Canucks are running out of opportunities to make it happen.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- Game Forty Two: Canucks vs Ottawa

4 games in 6 nights on the road seems bad. Is that bad?

GAME DAY PREVIEW- Game Forty One: Canucks vs Ottawa

If your playoff hopes go from "They could just pull this off!" to "That pretty much seals their fate!" on the basis of one loss, you might have been overly optimistic.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- Game Forty: Canucks vs Ottawa

After ventilating "Big Save" Dave and the Leafs, the Canucks prepare for 4 straight against the Senators.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- Game Thirty-Nine: Canucks vs Toronto

With Edler suspended, an already hobbled back end is going to be the focus tonight. Also, they still shouldn’t be playing. A win Sunday doesn’t change that.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- Game Thirty-Eight: Canucks vs Toronto

Almost a month since they last took the ice, the Canucks, still recovering from a horrendous COVID outbreak, are forced to return to take on the Toronto Maple Leafs.

GAME DAY PREVIEW: Game Thirty-Seven- Canucks vs Winnipeg

GAME DAY PREVIEW: Game Thirty-Five- Canucks @ Montreal

After a late fumble that coughed up another point, J.T. Miller does it again in OT to salvage another brilliant Demko performance.

GAME DAY PREVIEW: Game Thirty-Four- Canucks @ Montreal

Silver linings and dark clouds or something like that. What if your team went on a good run and it still didn’t help them get out of the hole they dug themselves?

GAME DAY PREVIEW: Game Thirty-Three- Canucks @ Ottawa

J.T. Miller’s OT heroics bailed out the Canucks from throwing away another stellar Thatcher Demko performance. Maybe they should actually show up tonight and not take any chances?

GAME DAY PREVIEW: Game Thirty-Two- Canucks @ Ottawa

4 games in 6 nights, the last 2 a back to back in Montreal for the Canucks as they kick off a week long Eastern road swing.

GAME DAY PREVIEW: Game Thirty-One- Canucks vs Edmonton

After another putrid performance against Montreal, the Canucks host the Oilers before heading off to Ottawa and... Montreal.

GAME DAY PREVIEW: Game Thirty- Canucks vs Montreal

Three in a row for the Canucks as they get set to take on the Habs in the middle of the gosh dang night*

GAME DAY PREVIEW: Game Twenty Nine- Canucks vs Montreal

The Canucks have won three of their last four, including a sweep of the Leafs, so they must be feeling pretty good about themselves. Naturally, the Habs are back to put an end to that nonsense.

GAME DAY PREVIEW: Game Twenty Eight- Canucks vs Toronto

The halfway point has arrived, and the Canucks have plenty of time to fix this mess, according to the guy who’s asking you for another 2 years of patience.

GAME DAY PREVIEW: Game Twenty Seven- Canucks vs Toronto

After another disappointing loss, the Canucks head back home to take on the best in the North. How they’re approaching it is a little confusing.

GAME DAY PREVIEW: Game Twenty Six- Canucks @ Winnipeg

A fantastic performance, but one that leaves us with the question: Are the Canucks better than they’ve shown, or are the Jets worse?

GAME DAY PREVIEW: Game Twenty Five- Canucks @ Winnipeg

With home ice no longer an advantage, the Canucks head off to the location of one of their meagre wins this season, as they take on the Jets in a back to back to start March.

GAME DAY PREVIEW: Game Twenty Four- Canucks vs Edmonton

Drastic line-shuffling is next on the agenda, as the team who have won 2 of their last 12 try to end the month on a positive note.

GAME DAY PREVIEW: Game Twenty Three- Canucks vs Edmonton

The halfway mark of the season looms, and the Canucks continue to give up points. Tonight, it’s the Edmonton Oilers in the first of two straight in Vancouver.


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