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Canucks Game Preview

GAME DAY PREVIEW / THREAD - GAME THIRTY-EIGHT: Canucks @ Washington- Jan 16, 2022

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME THIRTY-SEVEN: Canucks @ Carolina- Jan 13, 2022

A big test for the Canucks this morning, part three. Games before noon are stupid, though.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME THIRTY-SIX: Canucks @ Tampa Bay- Jan 13, 2022

The Canucks look to rebound after a tough loss against the Panthers Tuesday night, but will have their hands full with the defending Cup Champion Lightning.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME THIRTY-FIVE: Canucks @ Florida- Jan 11, 2022

Another pause, another round of postponed games, and then headfirst into one of the toughest road trips they’ve faced in years. 5 games against 5 of the top 6 teams in the NHL. No big deal, right?

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME THIRTY-FOUR: Canucks @ Seattle- Jan 1, 2022

The streak is over, but the Canucks are still clawing their way out of the hole they dug for themselves. Time to ring in the new year in the Emerald City with a visit to the Kraken.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME THIRTY-THREE: Canucks @ Los Angeles- Dec 30, 2021

The Canucks go for the California sweep tonight as Jaroslav Halak leads the Canucks into LA to take on the Kings, looking to win their 8th straight game.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME THIRTY-TWO: Canucks @ Anaheim- Dec 29, 2021

Thirteen days after winning their sixth straight, the Canucks return to action, but with COVID continuing to wreak havoc across North America, it’s unsure how long it’ll be before the next shutdown.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME THIRTY-ONE: Canucks @ San Jose- Dec 16, 2021

The Canucks head to the Bay Area looking to extend this improbable win streak to six games as they take on the Sharks tonight.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME THIRTY: Canucks vs Columbus- Dec 14, 2021

With COVID still lurking over everyone’s shoulders, the Canucks try to keep moving forward as they host the Blue Jackets.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME TWENTY-EIGHT: Canucks vs Winnipeg- Dec 10, 2021

The Canucks look to win three in a row for the first time this season as they host the Jets.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME TWENTY-SEVEN: Canucks vs Boston- Dec 8, 2021

Do-over? Do-over. And do something about that Marshmont guy while you’re at it.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME TWENTY-SIX: Canucks vs Los Angeles- Dec 6, 2021

New coach, who dis?

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME TWENTY-FIVE: Canucks vs Pittsburgh- Dec 4, 2021

Winning two in a row against two of the worst means absolutely nothing. Win tonight and maybe we’ll talk.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME TWENTY-FOUR: Canucks @ Ottawa- Dec 1, 2021

The Canucks are finally out of the wretched hell that most of us know as November. One more on the road before heading home for eight of their next nine games.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME TWENTY-TWO: Canucks @ Boston- Nov 28, 2021

Watch this one be the only game the Canucks win on this Gawd-forsaken road trip.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME TWENTY-ONE: Canucks @ Columbus- Nov 26, 2021

The Magical Misery Tour makes its way to Columbus, Ohio because no one really wants to go to Cleveland unless they absolutely have to.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME TWENTY: Canucks @ Pittsburgh- Nov 24, 2021

The Canucks head East for five starting out in Pittsburgh as they take on Sidney Crosby and the Penguins.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME NINETEEN: Canucks vs Chicago- Nov 21, 2021

With the losing streak over, the Canucks actually find themselves in a perfect position to head out for a road trip with a win streak going as they host the Hawks.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME EIGHTEEN: Canucks vs Winnipeg- Nov 19, 2021

After that oh-so reassuring chat from Jimbo, I am sure everything will be okay now.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME SEVENTEEN: Canucks vs Colorado- Nov 17, 2021

There will be responses tonight, but which one is the loudest and most meaningful remains to be seen.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME SIXTEEN: Canucks @ Anaheim- Nov 14, 2021

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME FIFTEEN: Canucks @ Vegas- Nov 13, 2021

The Canucks are coming off probably the worst loss of Jim Benning’s tenure as General Manager as they head into Vegas tonight. Anything less than a dominant win is simply not good enough.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME FOURTEEN: Canucks @ Colorado- Nov 11, 2021

3 games in 4 nights on tap for the Canucks starting in the Mile High City as they take on the Avalanche.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME THIRTEEN: Canucks vs Anaheim- Nov 9, 2021

The home stand comes to a close tonight in a big Pacific Division battle against the red hot Anaheim Ducks.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME TWELVE: Canucks vs Dallas- Nov 7, 2021

The power play sucks. The penalty kill sucks. And Elias Pettersson? His output thus far sucks. Something has to change starting tonight.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME ELEVEN: Canucks vs Nashville- Nov 5, 2021

A big game for the Canucks tonight as they look to build off a big come from behind win on Tuesday.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME TEN: Canucks vs New York Rangers- Nov 2, 2021

In the midst of a three game losing streak all on home ice, the Canucks hope that a new month means different results as they host the New York Rangers.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME SEVEN: Canucks vs Minnesota- Oct 26, 2021

They haven’t seen each other since the Canucks ruined the Wild’s playoff hopes in the spring of 2020. Not a bad choice for the first home game in front of a full house in over a year and a half.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME SIX: Canucks @ Seattle- Oct 23, 2021

A big night South of Vancouver, as the Kraken host the Canucks in the first home game for the NHL’s newest franchise.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME FIVE: Canucks @ Chicago- Oct 21, 2021

The discontent is thick in the air of Canuck Nation. After a completely embarrassing, unacceptable loss, there best be a statement made from this team tonight.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME FOUR: Canucks @ Buffalo- Oct 19, 2021

It’s off to Upstate New York for the fourth of six on the road to start the season as the Canucks take on the surprising Sabres.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME THREE: Canucks @ Detroit- Oct 16, 2021

From the City Of Brotherly Love to the Motor City, the Canucks look to build off their first win of the season as they take on the Dylan Larkin-less Red Wings.


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