Riding Shotgun With The Sedins


Sportnset's Naoko Asano caught up with several current and past linemates of Henrik and Daniel Sedin (Naslund, King, Dalpe, Linden, Klatt and more) asking them several questions about the Twins, like what they were/are like as teammates on and off the ice and much more. No Anson Carter though. Bummer. He must be off making rap records with all that money the Sedins made him. Here is a sample then click on that link. It's a beauty read! LINDEN: Playing with those guys, you are the third brother. JENSEN: I never felt uncomfortable when I played with them. They really make you feel part of everything. As soon as you get lucky enough to play with them, they right away take you aside to go over stuff with you and make you feel part of that line. DALPE: I didn’t feel like a third wheel. I was just like, Don’t mess this up. [Laughs.] KLATT: I loved playing with them. They’re obviously way better than I ever was, but we were all very similar in the way that we played. Our games matched very well. KING: When I scored my first NHL goal, they were the guys who went and got the puck. RYAN KESLER (2003–14): Some of the funnest hockey I played in my life.

Ryan Jones Added to Comets Roster


Utica Comets Director of Hockey Operations Pat Conacher has announced that the club has signed forward Ryan Jones to a professional tryout contract (PTO). He brings with him 334 games of NHL experience to the Comets roster which will begin the regular season on Saturday.

Debunking The "Vigneault Doesn't Play The Kids" Myth


The Canucks don’t really have the strongest draft history while he was present. Those are the guys that actually played significant time in the NHL. The other two guys that played a while in the NHL were gone early. R.J. Umberger (2001 draft) was traded in 2004, and Michael Grabner (2006 draft) was waived in 2010. Ed note: Follow the link for more on the matter from Blue Seat Blogs.

Utica Comets 9/22 Preseason Game Roster


Not a whole lot of surprises here. Discuss.

Shinkaruk Playing With a Chip On His Shoulder


A guy who wants to make the Flames pay.... what's not to like? Especially since he looked like he doesn't shy away from the post-whistle activities in last night's game.

Find Your Playoff Bandwagon NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2013 NHL playoffs 2013: Why you should root for the Vancouver Canucks


So the fine folks at SB Nation HQ asked writers from each playoff bound team to make a post explaining why fans should hop on their team's bandwagon. I decided to approach it a little differently...

Canucks to wear Vancouver Millionaires throwback jerseys


I had no idea this was in the works - did you? The jerseys look sweet, though I'm not totally sold on the tangential connection to past franchises in the same city (for example, should the Avalanche bust out a Colorado Rockies jersey?). Thoughts?

Cory in Switzerland


Ambri is one of the most popular clubs in Europe, if not the only "cult club" here with supporters everywhere. The crowd is spectacular although the team is one of the worst for years in the National League A. After their wins the whole crowd sings "La Montanara" - a pure goose flesh feeling!

Why Pavel Bure Was Almost Impossible To Stop


TSN's (and former NHL goalie) Jamie McLennan talks about why soon to be NHL Hall Of Famer Pavel Bure was almost impossible to stop for NHL goaltenders