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Elias Pettersson Is Lord

GMJB Gets It Done: Pettersson, Hughes Re-Sign

Credit where credit’s due: these deals are both pretty good, Jimbo.

2020 Canucks Top 25 Under 25: #6 Nils Hoglander

Is the Swedish Puck Magician ready to crack the Vancouver Canucks’ NHL roster?

SMRT: Revisiting The Season Prediction Post

Come with us back in time, to a magical time and place. No coronavirus, and the Canucks had yet to lose a game. Today we take a look at how Westy and I fared in our season predictions.

Guess which team has the best young trio of Centers in the NHL right now?

Darn right, it is your Vancouver Canucks! And it is not even close.

Season Predictions for the Canucks!

We all want a winner! Can the Canucks provide it?

Wake With Elias- Sept 5/19- Pondering Boeser’s Deal, EP40 Talks Expectations

As the Canucks and Boeser try to get a deal done, how does that, umm... let’s call it ‘interesting’ contract the Coyotes gave to Clayton Keller affect what Jim Benning offers Boeser?

THE ROUNDUP- Jan 8/19: Just Who Are The Canucks, Anyway?

A slow month that allows their rivals to make up games in hand will pull the curtain back and reveal some truths...

Twas The Night Before Xmas...

And all through the rink, there’s no hockey tonight so pour me a drink!