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Canucks Playoffs 2015

PLAYOFF GAME DAY: Canucks @ Flames- Game 6

Mikael Backlund can deny it all he wants, but just because he didn't say the word, it doesn't change what he did. Perhaps he fancies himself a modern day Mark Messier? That would be a shame for him, because if there's one way to get this organization fired up...

Die Another Day: Canucks force Game 6

Daniel Sedin scored a rebound goal early in the third period, lifting the Canucks to a 2-1 win over the Flames to force Game 6.

PLAYOFF GAME DAY: Canucks vs Flames- Game 5

Sven Baertschi's likely in tonight and so is Ryan Miller. The Canucks don't lose game 5's at home and they won't tonight. Towel power is going to help guide them back and begin the comeback that's gonna break the hearts of Canadians duped into thinking Calgary's worth cheering for...

Baertschi To Play In Game 5 ; Miller Likely Starts

Piece of cake. We got this. Right?

Canucks Stumble Again, Lose 3-1

The problem with recapping a comedy of errors is where to properly begin.

PLAYOFF GAME DAY- Canucks @ Flames Game 4

Willie seems like a smart guy, but he played right into Ugly Bob's hands Sunday night. Between dumb penalties, bad calls and some pretty bad coaching decisions, the Canucks are once again trailing this series. Not panic time by any stretch, but some things are gonna have to change to head home tied.

PLAYOFF GAME DAY: Canucks @ Flames- Game 3

It's so weird. I mean, Bob Hartley said all those nice things about the Canucks, yet his actions and words following Game 2 showed just the opposite. Do you think he lied to us?

Emotions Finally Boil Over In Canucks/Flames Series!

Canucks-Flames Game 2 brawl footage! It's on like Donkey Kong!

PLAYOFF GAME DAY: Canucks vs Flames Game 2

The Canucks did most of what they needed to do right on Wednesday night, but in the last few minutes of the game essentially handed the game over to the Flames. Willie Desjardins says there's not going to be any changes to the Canucks game plan tonight, but is he serious or is this some playoff gamesmanship?

Canucks-Flames - A Statistical Look at Game One

Who played well? Who played poorly? The possession numbers for the Canucks suggest only a few lines played a solid game.

Comeback Kids Strike Again

It's only one game, but this one is gonna hurt for the next couple days.

PLAYOFF GAME DAY: Canucks vs Flames Game One

The waiting is over. The predictions, made. All that's left now is to play the damn game. Drop the puck, we're ready to rock! Game 1 of the Canucks and Flames goes tonight!

NM Predictions for the Canucks & Flames

It's been many moons since Vancouver entered the post season without some sort of black cloud or ticking time-bomb of drama along with them.

5 Questions with Matchsticks & Gasoline

The playoffs start tomorrow, so we took some time to trade off some burning questions with our pals over at Matchsticks & Gasoline. I say pals now, but I am pretty sure by the time this is done, we will all be on screaming terms only because playoffs.

A Guide To Enjoying The Playoffs, Or How I Learned To Stop Rioting And Love The Game

The playoffs are here and unlike previous years, the Canucks do not have the heavy weight of expectation burdening them. After last year's Tortsfire, many had the Canucks on the outside looking in. But as we discovered this year, hockey without all of that pressure can be a lot of fun to watch. We here at Nucks Misconduct are happy to provide you with a guide to help get you back to actually enjoying playoff hockey.

Canucks vs Flames Round 1 Schedule

It's gonna be a beauty!