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HSH’s Canucks Scouting Report (Pro-Con-Clusion #20): Hughes dazzles in the midst of offensive hassles

Harsunder breaks down the best and worst of the last 2 Canucks games as well as a concluding thought in his 20th feature of the Pro-Con-Clusion series

HSH’s Canucks Scouting Report (Pro-Con-Clusion #18): The 4th line continues its strong play

Harsunder breaks down the best and worst of the last 2 Canucks games as well as a concluding thought in his 18th feature of the Pro-Con-Clusion series.

Nucks Misconduct Roundtable: Don’t Go Full Cam Neely...

They wouldn’t seriously trade away Elias Pettersson, right? Right???

Nucks Misconduct Roundtable: G’day, Bruce Edition

Direct from the Philosophy Department at the University of Woolamaloo, it’s the latest Nucks Misconduct Roundtable.

HSH’s Canucks Scouting Report (Pro-Con-Clusion #15): Halak leaves more to be desired as Poolman shines

Harsunder breaks down the best and worst of the last 2 Canucks games as well as a concluding thought in his 15th feature of the Pro-Con-Clusion series.

HSH’s Canucks Scouting Report (Pro-Con-Clusion #14): Hoggy season is back!

Harsunder breaks down the best and worst of the last 2 Canucks games as well as a concluding thought in his 14th feature of the Pro-Con-Clusion series.

Canucks At The Quarter Mark

25% of the season has passed, and we’re comfortable in telling you that the Canucks are still terrible.

All My Draft Picks

Rumours of factions being formed, as everyone waits for the axe to fall. This is starting to feel more like a soap opera than a hockey team.

Nucks Misconduct Roundtable: Confidence check & Demko’s Vezina Case

As the Canucks head out on the road, we discuss the good, bad and the ugly of the first homestand of the season.

Nucks Misconduct Roundtable: Power Outage

The song remains the same. Is it time for something more than a line shuffle?

Nucks Misconduct Roundtable: Start of The Season Edition

A new year, a new pile of issues to complain about.

Pro-Con-Clusion (Games #1 and #2)

1 pro, 1 con, and 1 concluding thought about the Canucks first 2 games of the 2020-21 NHL season

2021-22 Vancouver Canucks Season Preview

After following up a surprise playoff run in 2020 with a disastrous campaign last season, the Canucks have a different look to start the year. Is it enough to get them back into the post-season?

How Many Points Will Each Canuck Post in 2021-22?

The Nucks Misconduct crew puts forth their finest predictions for how many points each Canuck will score this season.

Nucks Misconduct Round Table: Post-Draft Edition

It’s been a fairly eventful couple of weeks, time for us to spout off about it, I guess...

Over/Under: will Hughes take 1 year QO?

Limited budget, and his friend Pettersson, may force his hand

Nucks Misconduct Round Table: The “I Hate This All So Much” Edition

It’s the "I hate all this so much" edition, where no punches are pulled as we look at our beloved blue & green garbage fire.

6 Canucks Thoughts: The Vancouver Oilers & Travis Green’s Protest

So much for "fending off the collapse..."

Three ways the Canucks can expose Montreal...and five areas where the Habs are superior

The Canucks are under pressure to emerge victorious in this three game series after a slow start to the season.

Nucks Misconduct’s 2021 Canucks Season Preview

We’re ready for hockey to come back, already. The question is: Are the Canucks ready to take another step forward?

Nucks Misconduct Roundtable: Divisional Re-Alignment, Tortoise Tales, Gradient Schmadient And More...

This week we discuss what the next season might be like, the Canucks new goalie being delightfully weird and other stuff.

Does Antoine Roussel Still Have a Role With the Vancouver Canucks?

Roussel had a difficult 2019-20 after a strong 2018-19 season. Does he still fit in the team’s future plans?

Ranking the Canucks’ Seven Most Valuable Assets

The Canucks have plenty of young talent on their current roster, but who are their seven most valuable assets?

5 Questions Facing the Canucks Before the Start of the 2020-21 Season

These five questions loom large over the Vancouver Canucks before the 2020-21 season.

How an All-Canadian Division Might Affect the Vancouver Canucks?

With rumours swirling that next season could include an All-Canadian division, how might that affect the Canucks?

Remembering Troy Stecher’s Time With the Vancouver Canucks

A fond look back at the pride of Richmond and his time playing for the team he grew up cheering for.

Nucks Misconduct Roundtable: Aftermath Edition

It’s been a while since we sat down and asked the NM staff about stuff. And boy, has there been stuff goin’ on...

Re-Signing Josh Leivo Should Be a Priority for the Vancouver Canucks

The Canucks have a gaping hole in their top-six. Could the solution be right under their nose?

Is Quinn Hughes the answer for the Canucks’ RHD Dilemma?

Quinn Hughes has been nothing short of magnificent for the Vancouver Canucks and he may be the solution to another pressing Canucks issue.

Among Canucks’ free agents, Tyler Toffoli should be priority #1

Tyler Toffoli says he wants to stay. Can the Canucks make it happen?

Nucks Misconduct Roundtable: Phase 3 Moves Ahead, Boeser Talk, The Future Of Jack Attacks And More...

Training camps are up and running, and so is the Canucks rumour mill as the Roundtable returns for another week.

SMRT: Revisiting The Season Prediction Post

Come with us back in time, to a magical time and place. No coronavirus, and the Canucks had yet to lose a game. Today we take a look at how Westy and I fared in our season predictions.


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