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Canucks / NHL History

Luongo, Sedins Heading To The Hall Of Fame

The 2022 inductees to the Hockey Hall Of Fame have been announced and it’s a pretty good day to be a Canucks fan as Roberto Luongo, Daniel Sedin and Henrik Sedin get the nod.

The Top 20 Vancouver Canucks Moments of 2020

Although we’ve been left hockey-less for the majority of the year, there were still some serious moments of jubilation in Vancouver.

Vintage Vancouver Millionaires Sweater Hits Auction

The rare sweater is thought to be from the 1922-23 or 1923-24 seasons and is up for bid at Lelands Auctions.

Fending off “The Collapse:” How the ‘20-21 Vancouver Canucks can avoid becoming the ‘17-18 Edmonton Oilers

The Oilers were Stanley Cup darlings entering ‘17-18. They haven’t made the playoffs since. How can the Canucks continue their upwards trajectory to avoid this fate?

Ranking the Most Emotional Playoff Series in Canucks’ History: #10 to #1

The Canucks have played in 43 playoff series throughout their history. You’ll find the 10 most heart-stopping matchups here.

Ranking the Most Emotional Playoff Series in Canucks History: Part One

Please don’t spill too many tears on this first list.

Tomorrow Jim Benning passes Mike Gillis on the Vancouver Canucks’ General Manager tenure list

Benning will be number two behind the legendary Pat Quinn.

Six attainable records that Quinn Hughes is chasing

From Canucks records to league-wide records, Hughes is about to light the league on fire.

The Canucks Worst Ever Jerseys

Trying to pick the winner here was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be.

Artemi Panarin - likes the Canucks on social media

The Top NHL free agent forward has liked a number of Canuck related Instagram comments


8 years ago today, a guy who almost quit hockey took the Canucks on a run we’ll never forget.

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Flashback: Canucks Drafting in the '90s

PAT QUINN 1943-2014

The hockey world has lost a giant, and we're feeling it here in Canuckville with the news this morning that former Canucks player, coach and GM Pat Quinn has died at the age of 71.

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The Lady or The Tiger?

A Look At The Canucks' Draft success (?) from 2000-2010

20th Anniversary: 1994 Canucks vs Rangers Game 7

The Yankees Rangers were so stuffed with star players that most had thought they would take the series in Game 5. Yet, here we were in Game 7 at Madison Square Garden, after a very-convincing Canucks win in Game 6

20th Anniversary: Rangers At Canucks Game 6

Still planning a parade, Rangers? F*** you!

20th Anniversary: Canucks-Rangers Game 5 '94 Final

The Rangers were ready for the Cup parade, the Canucks were ready to squash their dreams

1972 Summit Series 40th Anniversary: Game 8

More than a mere hockey game, but the final battle in an 8 game war, this truly is one of the greatest moments in hockey history. Nucks Misconduct's tribute to the 40th anniversary of the Summit Series concludes with Game 8 & The Goal Of The Century

1972 Summit Series 40th Anniversary: Game 7

A back and forth battle that boils over at the end, another amazing game winner from Paul Henderson, setting the stage for a winner takes all showdown. Nucks Misconduct continues it's game summaries of the greatest moment in Canadian hockey history.

1972 Summit Series 40th Anniversary: Game 4, September 8: USSR 5 Canada 3

A recap of Game 4 of the outstanding 1972 Summit Series between Canada and Russia.

1972 Summit Series 40th Anniversary: Game 3, September 6: Canada 4 Russia 4

Game 4 recap and highlights from the Canada vs Russia 1972 Summit Series.

1972 Summit Series 40th Anniversary: Game 2, September 4: Canada 4 Russia 1

1972 Summit Series 40th Anniversary: Game 1, September 2: Russia 7 Canada 3

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Canada-Russia Summit Series in 1972. Here is a recap of Game 1 of that series.

1972 Summit Series 40th Anniversary: A Preview

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the 1972 Summit Series by doing something a little bit different.


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