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Canucks = Fail

Nucks Misconduct Round Table: Pre-Deadline Edition

We’ll explore what the Canucks might do over the next week, and ponder Tyler Myers immortalizing himself as the greatest tank commander in Canucks history.

Game Day Preview #46: Jan 21, 2023- Canucks vs Edmonton

I don’t even know where to begin, because this whole thing continues to get worse.

Wake With Elias- Mar 29, 2022: Canucks Blow It Big Time Against The Blues.

The Canucks fall back to reality in the final game of their road trip, and the Senators announce the passing of owner Eugene Melnyk.

Wake With Elias- December 6, 2021: Jim Benning’s Reign Of Error Comes To An End

With a house cleaning this messy, it has to be the Canucks.

Canucks At The Quarter Mark

25% of the season has passed, and we’re comfortable in telling you that the Canucks are still terrible.

All My Draft Picks

Rumours of factions being formed, as everyone waits for the axe to fall. This is starting to feel more like a soap opera than a hockey team.

Wake With Elias- November 21, 2021: Feels Like I’ve Been Here Before

The Canucks have us on a nostalgia kick right now. The problem is, it’s part of their history we’d rather forget.

Nucks Misconduct Roundtable: The All Hope Is Lost Edition

Hope is for suckers.

Wake With Elias- November 18, 2021: Nothing Changes

Yeah, I am so done with style points, moral victories and searching for bright spots. This team is an unmitigated disaster and there is zero accountability.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME SEVENTEEN: Canucks vs Colorado- Nov 17, 2021

There will be responses tonight, but which one is the loudest and most meaningful remains to be seen.

Wake With Elias- November 15, 2021: Do Something

Even with the talent of their top players, this might end up being one of the worst teams this franchise has ever put on the ice. It’s long past time to address this.

Wake With Elias- November 14, 2021: It Just Gets Worse

Another brutal, embarrassing loss for the team that Jim Benning told us was ready to make the playoffs.

Nucks Misconduct Roundtable: Confidence check & Demko’s Vezina Case

As the Canucks head out on the road, we discuss the good, bad and the ugly of the first homestand of the season.

2021 NHL Draft Lottery: The Musical*

*May or may not contain any actual musical numbers

Confidence in Aquilini-run Canucks reaching an all-time low

Never in 15 years of Aquilini ownership have the Canucks endured a season as bad as this.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- Game Fifty Six: Canucks vs Calgary

Finally, some mercy for the beleaguered. Not too much, mind you.

Wake With Elias- March 24, 2021: Injury Toll Continues To Mount

I suppose that’s one way to rebuild your lineup...

Nucks Misconduct Roundtable: The Vote Of Confidence Edition

Who should get it? Who should not? Does it even matter?

Nucks Misconduct Roundtable: The “I Can’t Take This Anymore!” Edition

How worried are we? It’s a mixed bag among the NM team.

6 Canucks Thoughts: The Vancouver Oilers & Travis Green’s Protest

So much for "fending off the collapse..."

Wake With Elias- Feb 2, 2021: Canucks Clowned Again

The funny part is we should know better than to assume that it was just a hiccup and not a true measurement of where this team is at.

Nucks Misconduct Roundtable: Where Do We Even Start Edition

After opening the season with an impressive win in Edmonton, the Canucks have been downright awful

Pulse of Canucks Nation: Sound Every Alarm, It’s Really Bad

This team is a mess right now. That means Canucks Twitter will be especially entertaining. At least there’s that...

THE ROUNDUP- MAR 25/19: Shutout again.

As if to make sure that every last person who was holding out hope of the playoffs was addressed, the Canucks put all of that to bed last night.

The 2018 NHL Playoff Round 1 Prediction Thread

Here’s where we inaccurately speculate on how it all plays out. Let’s get ready to coin flip!!!

The 2018 Nucks Misconduct Bandwagon Outreach Program. Finding homes for displaced fans.... in Toronto

Now, now... put down the pitchforks and hear them out.

Rodin Released

The Canucks have placed Anton Rodin on waivers for the purpose of being released from his contract.

Featured Fanshot

‘I deserved to be fired’ in Vancouver, says most obvious person ever

"You’re talking to a guy that went down a hallway after another coach last year, which was so across the line, so embarrassing to my organization and my team," Tortorella said. "You live and die by the sword a little bit there.

Canucks Player Autopsy: Eddie Lack

We've gone through the Canucks roster, player by player. Last, but certainly not least, is Eddie Lack, our favorite Swedish goaltender.

Canucks Player Autopsy: Frank Corrado

Corrado's place on the Canucks' roster depends on what the team does in the off season

Canucks Player Autopsy: Nicklas Jensen

The pride of Denmark & the hope of Vancouver. Nope, no pressure at all.

Canucks Player Autopsy: Shawn Matthias

In our ongoing autopsy of the Canucks season, we turn our attention to Shawn Matthias. What did he bring to the Canucks and what can we expect from him going forward?


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