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Wake With Elias: Rumour SZN takes hold as Gilman’s name surfaces for Canucks’ GM job

You can even place bets who the next GM of the Canucks might be.

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HSH’s Canucks Scouting Report (Pro-Con-Clusion #13): Podkolzin gets the Bruce-bump

Harsunder breaks down the best and worst of the last 2 Canucks games as well as a concluding thought in his 13th feature of the Pro-Con-Clusion series.

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GAME RECAP #26: BB NUCKS WIN!!! Scorch LA 4-0

#BRUCEBUMP Is Real - So is Westy’s Smug Mug of Rum

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Gamethread #26: Canucks vs Kings

The Canucks play LA under a new head coach.

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GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME TWENTY-SIX: Canucks vs Los Angeles- Dec 6, 2021

New coach, who dis?

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Wake With Elias- December 6, 2021: Jim Benning’s Reign Of Error Comes To An End

With a house cleaning this messy, it has to be the Canucks.

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Gamethread #25: Canucks vs Pens

Canucks come home to face the Penguins...and the media

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME TWENTY-FIVE: Canucks vs Pittsburgh- Dec 4, 2021

Winning two in a row against two of the worst means absolutely nothing. Win tonight and maybe we’ll talk.

HSH’s Canucks Scouting Report (Pro-Con-Clusion #12): Bubble Demko redux and the cold streak of Höglander

Harsunder breaks down the best and worst of the last 2 Canucks games as well as a concluding thought in his 12th feature of the Pro-Con-Clusion series.

Wake With Elias- December 4, 2021: Hamonic Back To Abby

The Canucks are back from that five game road trip, but Travis Hamonic is headed back to Abbotsford.

Wake With Elias: The Canucks Are Back?

Nothing has really changed, but two wins have increased spirits... If only slightly.

Wake With Elias- December 2, 2021: Big Night From The D in Ottawa

Multi point nights from Quinn Hughes and... Luke Schenn (?!?!) help the Canucks crush the cellar-dwelling Sens

GAME RECAP #24: NUCKS WIN! Burn League Leading Bottom Feeders 6-2

Make Less Turnovers Against The NHL’S Worst - Score Moar Goals!

Gamethread #24: Canucks vs Senators

Can the Canucks win two is a row...can they? No really, can they do this in Ottawa.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME TWENTY-FOUR: Canucks @ Ottawa- Dec 1, 2021

The Canucks are finally out of the wretched hell that most of us know as November. One more on the road before heading home for eight of their next nine games.

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GAME RECAP #23: NUCKS WIN! 2 GOALS And A GAME! Trim The Other Terrible Team 2-1

Game Preview & Gamethread #23: Canucks vs Habs

All the info and comments in one place as the Canucks head back into Canada to face the Habs

HSH’s Canucks Scouting Report (Pro-Con-Clusion #11): Hughes impresses as Boeser continues to struggle

Harsunder breaks down the best and worst of the last 2 Canucks games as well as a concluding thought in his 11th feature of the Pro-Con-Clusion series.

Wake With Elias: Horvat’s name in trade rumours & Canadiens pounce on free agent executive

Dark days for the Canucks now seem normal.

GAME RECAP #22: NUCKS WIN! 2 Goals And Another Road Loss

Know Your Limits - Play Within It. 44 Minutes. That’s The Limit

Gamethread #22: Canucks vs Bruins

Will the Canucks ever win again?

Westy Was Right

That’s gotta hurt

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME TWENTY-TWO: Canucks @ Boston- Nov 28, 2021

Watch this one be the only game the Canucks win on this Gawd-forsaken road trip.

GAME RECAP #21: NUCKS WIN! SHOT COUNT - Lose the Other Count 4-2 To BJs

Better Effort = Same Result. Hockey Gawds Want All Our Tears

Gamethread #21: Canucks vs Blue Jackets

Canucks try to find a win in Columbus.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME TWENTY-ONE: Canucks @ Columbus- Nov 26, 2021

The Magical Misery Tour makes its way to Columbus, Ohio because no one really wants to go to Cleveland unless they absolutely have to.

HSH’s Canucks Scouting Report (Pro-Con-Clusion #10): Demko dialed in as offence sputters

Harsunder breaks down the best and worst of the last 2 Canucks games as well as a concluding thought in his 10th feature of the Pro-Con-Clusion series.

Canucks At The Quarter Mark

25% of the season has passed, and we’re comfortable in telling you that the Canucks are still terrible.

Wake With Elias: Miller’s comments highlight the Canucks’ sad state of disarray

The Canucks are broken.

GAME RECAP #20: NUCKS WIN! Another Loss - Get Penned 4-1 In Pitts

Dispirited Loss From Dispirited Performances. Have we reached the ‘why bother’ point?

Gamethread #20: Canucks vs Pens

Canucks run away from Vancouver to try and find a win in Pittsburgh

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME TWENTY: Canucks @ Pittsburgh- Nov 24, 2021

The Canucks head East for five starting out in Pittsburgh as they take on Sidney Crosby and the Penguins.

Which Canucks are Untouchable in Trade Talks?

The Vancouver Canucks might be looking to make a move after a tough start to the season. Which players can fans feel safe getting their names on the back of a jersey?

All My Draft Picks

Rumours of factions being formed, as everyone waits for the axe to fall. This is starting to feel more like a soap opera than a hockey team.

Wake With Elias- November 21, 2021: Feels Like I’ve Been Here Before

The Canucks have us on a nostalgia kick right now. The problem is, it’s part of their history we’d rather forget.

GAME RECAP #19: NUCKS WIN! Flower A Shutout. Dropped 1-0 By The Tainted Team

A Good Loss. Best Loss Yet!

Gamethread #19:Canucks vs Hawks

Canucks try for two wins in a row....trying counts, right.

GAME DAY PREVIEW- GAME NINETEEN: Canucks vs Chicago- Nov 21, 2021

With the losing streak over, the Canucks actually find themselves in a perfect position to head out for a road trip with a win streak going as they host the Hawks.


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