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Gamethread #52: Canucks vs Islanders

Canucks face a playoff contender that has Bo Horvat on it.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Winnipeg Jets James Carey Lauder-USA TODAY Sports

The quick turnaround for the Canucks helps reduce the amount of questions the players will have to field when it comes to playing against their former captain. This is a good thing as you don’t really want to think about too much if you are a Canuck, instead you should just go about hitting the crap out of him and try to stop the Islanders from getting into the playoffs.

This eastern road swing could be named “The roadtrip of one goal losses.” I’m not sure the team is playing well enough to win any of these games, but at least they keep it respectable. The Islanders are in the thick of a playoff race and need to get 2 points every game.

Conor Garland has been on fire under Rick Tocchet’s coaching, but the defense is still a tire fire for portions of each game. I’m not sure how much Gonchar and Foote can do with the limited capabilities of this group. The forwards going to have to hustle their asses back faster and fill the lanes.

Again, I am asking Brock to get some goals....or makes some plays...or drop the gloves.....just do something! I am selfish....I want to trade you and get you a fresh start.

Tonight’s drinking game will include the phrase, “former Canuck Bo Horvat”. Every time you hear it...drink. May the Lord save your liver.

Go Canucks Go!