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Wake With Elias: Schenn Updates and Indigenous Collection Announced

The Luke Schenn rumour mill continues on and the Canucks have announced an excellent new Indigenous themed collection.

Philadelphia Flyers v Vancouver Canucks Photo by Derek Cain/Getty Images

Canucks News

  • The story dominating Canucks headlines these days is the Luke Schenn situation and how the team is handling it. Personally, I think they’re 100% doing the right thing by sitting him. And frankly it enrages me when I hear stuff like “Well, if the offer isn't right, we might not trade him, can’t lose that character!”. No! We’ve heard that stuff for years! Enough! Trade him and if you lose him, kinda sucks, but oh well.
  • Seravalli is hearing that things may be pretty far along on the Schenn front. That’s interesting and I suspect we’ll hear even more as the deadline nears. Not sure what the hold up is, but pretty decent odds it’s cap related.
  • The team announced a new Indigenous collection, and it’s pretty lovely. I love the medicine wheel, and integrating alongside a Gino tribute a skate scheme is just perfect. They do a great job on this stuff and I think I’ll definitely be picking something up next time I’m at the team store.
  • As we covered yesterday, the Canucks unfortunately won 3-2 in OT against the Blues. Sad news. Nice goal, but time to scratch Petey. He’s ruining the tank.
  • An interesting tidbit here, apparently the Canucks are willing to be a money launderer. I do not know how this would work. They barely have the room to make their own roster work, so I have no clue how they can get involved in even further silliness. Keep an eye on it, but I’m skeptical.
  • And a cool record for Kuzmenko. I wonder what would happen if he was Calder eligible. I suspect he’d be a top shelf contender. Certainly, he’s been a homerun this year.

Hockey News

  • This Bruins trade was big not only on a league scale, but for the Canucks in particular. Boston was supposedly interested in Schenn, but maybe not so much anymore? Bruins are loading up and they’ll be an absolute force, even if this is an overpayment. When you’re good, you’re allowed, even encouraged, to make dumb trades.
  • An interview with Anthony Duclair from Wyshynski on a new diversity initiative. Considering some of the antagonistic, oppressive measures coming from the state these days, this is cool.
  • A look at the Patrick Kane situation. I truly have no idea where he’s gonna end up as it seems like this has been a really bizarre situation. Gun to head, though? Maybe a hot take, I think he stays a Hawk, both cause he wants to be one and because the market is inflexible.
  • And a congratulations to Canada on their victory over the States in the Rivalry Series!

BC Place Bulletins

BC Place Bulletins is a Friday WWE feature summarizing scores and news from the local Vancouver sports scene.

  • A new add for the BC Lions:
  • Also, some new pickups for the Whitecaps:
  • And look how BC Place was lit up the other day. Very nice!