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Gamethread #54: Canucks vs Red Wings

Canucks come home and try to beat the Wings

NHL: Edmonton Oilers at Vancouver Canucks Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

Take a look at this:

The schedule is no kinder to the Canucks over the next couple weeks and realistically this team could be passed by 2-3 teams. Unfortunately for #Teamtank, Chicago and Columbus are that bad, and it would be almost impossible to have them pass the Nucks. Positions 5-8 in the draft seems like the most likely position before they drop another spot at the draft, due to another better team lucking out with the ping pong balls.

The Canucks come home after a bad road trip that pretty much ended the debate on whether they should give it another go at trying to make the playoffs.

Spoiler: they should not

Detroit is 7 points out of the final wild card in the east and it should be said that they dominated the Canucks in the last game. Petey is going to have to find a way to get 5 goals tonight to try and keep the team in it.

Speaking of trying to keep the team in it.....We here at NM have no news yet as to what happens after Feb 28th. We could all just go .....poof!

Thanks again to VOX...fuckers.

Sit back and cheer on the or lose.

Go Canucks Go!