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Gamethread #53: Canucks vs Red Wings

Canucks end the road trip with the first of back to back with Detroit.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Carolina Hurricanes James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

There is a dilemma within the minds of Canuck fans.

Losing would be the best thing for this team as it help to make tough trade decisions easier and therefore change the makeup of this team. It would also get us a better chance at some 18 year old that seems to score at will.

But we also love to see a team led by Petey, come back and beat a team that still has a chance to make the playoffs.

The only middle ground I can think of is that the Canucks lose by a goal, but Petey scores 5 goals and someone wins $ 1 million on SaveOn’s score and win.

Today the Canucks face Detroit for the first of two straight games. The Red Wings can still see the promised playoff land and they did beat the Canucks both times this how about the Canucks fuck them over just for fun.

Early morning Saturday game....fuck you NHL......and fuck Vox too.

Go Canucks Go!