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Canucks All-Star Fan Vote: A Ballot Primer

The NHL is letting us send some guys to the all-star game. Here’s how you should vote for our Canucks.

Florida Panthers v New Jersey Devils Photo by Rich Graessle/NHLI via Getty Images

Listen, if you don’t care about the NHL’s All-Star game, I get it. None of the players try, it’s a bit cheesy, there are no stakes — I understand. But personally, I've always kinda liked it. It lets the players show even the slightest bit of personality, and I like seeing all the little tricks they try. It’s fun, even if meaningless.

And this year, the NHL is giving us fans a lot of power. I am here to tell you how you should wield it.

I would say the last time the NHL All-Star game was a genuine cultural moment was the John Scott saga in 2016. That was genuinely very cool and extremely funny — and even then, it was despite Gary Bettman’s best efforts. So how do we maximize our fun this time around? Here’s who I think you should vote for so we get the most out of the game as Canucks fans. I will provide you my ballot, plus a few Honourable Mentions. I’m all for diversity of thought here, so I won’t be close-minded about who you vote for.

Skater #1 - Riley Stillman

This is a great chance for Rutherford and Co. to show off their prized acquisition. Stillman’s grit will surely stand out on this stage, and show the world why it was definitely worth targeting him in a cap dump trade and why he can under no circumstances stay out of the lineup. Finally, the world gets a chance to watch Riley Stillman among his peers — the best of the best.

Skater #2 - Lane Pederson

Pederson has had a long and distinguished NHL career, so it’s about time he gets his due. Honestly, the reason I voted for him was so that Pettersson and Pederson could both go to the All-Star game. I think that would be fun and confusing for some less-educated observers.

Goalie - Collin Delia

Okay, this one might not even be a joke. Delia might unironically be the best goalie in the Pacific Division, given the current state of affairs.

If my picks didn't quite convince you, here are some other options you may want to consider:

Tyler Myers - The Myers Chaos Show in the least structured environment imaginable? Pure comedy.

Oliver Ekman-Larsson - Hey, would it shock if you an NHL GM looked at OEL in the All-Star game and thought “Huh, well, I could use an All-Star defender on my team!”. It would not surprise me at all. Let’s drive up that value.

Luke Schenn - According to most Canucks fans I talk to, he should have already been in on merit. Seeing him going around hitting everyone would be pretty funny though.

William Lockwood - This would just be the ultimate “Who the hell is that guy” play. A classic, reliable move.

Bo Horvat - Maybe you’re one of those guys genuinely pissed off that Elias Pettersson got picked over Bo, and you take these matters extremely seriously. Then, I guess, Bo is your man.

So there you have it, my ballot suggestions for you fine readers. The link to vote is here if you’re interested. (Fair warning, like any process involving the NHL’s website, it’s deeply painful to navigate at first). You do need to vote for all the divisions, but I personally just picked guys at random for them. I think I selected Radio Gudas for something. I encourage you to vote for a fan favourite of sorts. Someone a bit more esoteric. Let’s have some fun with it, and let me know in the comments who your top picks are.