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Gamethread #38: Canucks vs Avs

Canucks look for their first win in 2023 against Colorado

NHL: Colorado Avalanche at Vancouver Canucks Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

Before we get to the disaster that is Vancouver, I have a question...

What the hell has happened to the Colorado Avalanche?

Win a Stanley Cup and then forget how to win the next year? Ruh-roh. Do you think they’re pull a Tampa Bay and will turn it on with 20 games left to go? Do you think the loss of Kadri had an effect or was it the injury to Landeskog?

Do you think they would over pay for one Bo Horvat or J.T. Miller?

The Canucks are in 2016 mode right now. They have multiple players that have some sort of value and in Bo’s case, ending a contract, and the Canucks need to trade them. And yet, I could see GMPA getting nothing done in January and then Bo gets hurt and the Canucks can’t move him.

Some people fear a dismantling of this team that leads to a bad team for years to come. I fear nothing gets done and a bad team continues for years.

I hope the Canucks win tonight just to get Abs fans worked up even more and maybe pressure Sakic and McFarland into making a bad taking Miller!

Go Canucks Go!