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So it begins....

The Canucks retool has the makings of a rebuild

Columbus Blue Jackets v Vancouver Canucks Photo by Derek Cain/Getty Images

This will be a sight to see when the Islanders come to town

The major surgery that Jim Rutherford mention started with what some would say, was the heart of the team in Bo Horvat. We all knew it was coming. Some of us took longer to accept the fact that once J.T. Miller signed his contract that Bo would be gone. There was just no cap space. The final punch to the gut was the signing of Kuz.

The question of the day on Twitter for the last 24 hours is, did the Canucks get enough? There is no right answer to this as it all depends on perspective. The Canucks did eat some of Horvat’s salary for this year, which is a surprise...but I guess it might be worth it in a couple years if the protected 1st round draft pick turns into an everyday player.

For me, the real disappointment will be if this is the only trade that GMPA makes. I mentioned before that I had no issue with Demko being traded. His salary is manageable for most teams looking for a #1 goalie. More importantly, I just didn’t like his injury history

I hope this extra time away from the team has healed this injury so he can be traded. Even if the rumors of wanting out of Vancouver weren’t true, I would still seriously consider traded him and shedding the $5 million a year with the way he has played. The Canucks need to improve their defensive core and the extra cash might be needed.

I won’t recap everything that you can find on Twitter, but needless to say that Boeser, Garland, Myers and even Miller are names being thrown around like twenties at a casino.

So that last question will be put to you.


How would you feel if OEL becomes captain?

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    Captain of what...the Titanic?
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