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Gamethread #43: Canucks vs Hurricanes

Canucks look to win the final game of their roadtrip...please.

Vancouver Canucks v Pittsburgh Penguins Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

How does an 0-5 roadtrip sound?

Well, that’s what it sure looks like today. Carolina is the 2nd place team in the east and beat the Canucks last time they played.

Do you realize how desperate times you? This is how desperate...

When people start asking for Gillis to return, they seem to have forgotten the mess he left the organization in.

A Canucks win today should not any impact on the fact this team needs a new direction. And to state it clearly....Rick Tocchet is not the man I want to pick that direction.

Sit back and enjoy a Sunday afternoon game. Maybe even a surprise victory.

Go Canucks Go!