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Gamethread #42: Canucks vs Panthers

Canucks still looking for a win on this road trip.

Vancouver Canucks v Tampa Bay Lightning Photo by Mark LoMoglio/NHLI via Getty Images

The season is halfway done...and this is what we all see

Last year the Canucks were 18-19-4 at this point. The Nucks went 22-11-4 in their next 41 games. Unfortunately, I don’t think even that kind of run would get them near a wildcard spot. I never cheer for this team to tank. I want wins. But I do get upset with the lack of change. I don’t see much difference between the way this management group has acted compared to GMJB.

I would openly take a giant rebuild to this team. Francesco won’t.

Enough .

Let’s talk about today’s game. The Panthers are a team that were on top of the league last year, but got bounced early from the playoffs and then made some big changes to their coaching staff and team. None of it has worked out. Andrew Brunette is now with New Jersey and the Cats traded on of their best platers for a Tkachuk that wasn’t well liked on his last team. Weird.

While the Cats are definitely struggling, The Canucks have not beat them in over 3 years, including their first meeting of the year in December where the Cats won 5-1 in Vancouver.

I would love to see a win today...but as I said before, I would not be surprised to see a 0-5 roadtrip. And then the shit hits the fan.

Go Canucks Go!