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Preseason Recap: Nucks Krack’n in OT - Lose 4-3

After a stunning 1st period... you know the rest

NHL: SEP 29 Kraken at Canucks
Kuz we love him already
Photo by Derek Cain/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We’re back on the pre-wound clock. And hoping (again) that meaningless games hold no meaning beyond the ominous signs.

At least this game was the only loss on the night for the pre-winning Nucks. That’s a 50% improvement right there.

The game started great for our pre-Heroes. Nucks score early and often. Andrei Kuzmenko scored two goals! A snipe from way out from a stunning Huggie pass. And a goal mouth tap-in from a stunning Petety powerplay pass. Thanks, Kuz, you can stay.

Gnarland put a sneaky elf skate redirection in the net. From an OEL shot. That was called back because apparently, even in the preseason, OEL isn’t permitted to stick handle out and back over the blueline. Really? Yes, really.

Demmer’s shutout bid was looking great. Until the Kracken put a scrambly bouncer past him on their power play.

Pearson re-established the 3 2 goal lead with his own PP goal - from a hot pass from our Kuz. Who almost scored again as the period wound down.

As did our hopes of winning a vital meaningless game at home.


Nucks powerplay was dangerous. Scored on their 1st couple chances in the 1st. Just not on their last 3 chances.

The peerless Nucking PK was 66% effective. Which if we recall from last season, means they’re right on target.

Kuzmenko is looking like the real (1st period) deal we knew he would be. Or maybe it was just Westy.

Rathbone was making some sweet passes that woulda/shoulda/coulda been goals - like the pass to spring to Petey with a partial breakaway that ended in not a goal.

Hoagie was flying, using his speed to create chaos and stuff. Karlsson played well, made some shots, but didn’t score, so we can’t keep him. It’s a tough league.

Petey is very engaged and making things happen.


Letting the Krackeneers back into the game in the 3rd to tie was bad enough. Letting them win in OT. FFS!

OT Nucks controlled most of the play - all the fancy plays. And yet, as OT was winding down, left Silvos to fend for himself at the worst possible moment.

Petey is very engaged - might have had a hattie or two - if only the net was another 3 feet higher. Still finding his shooting range on the PP... how long will the wait be?

Nucks had this game in the bag - in control - out playing, out chancing, outshooting the Special K 36-29. And yet...


See above.

Anyhow... maybe the Kracklin are just pigging out on the pre-seasie - undefeated so far in the mean-nothing section - and will resume their rightful place in the division basement as proper newbie teams ought to.

But... what if they’re not?

This is no time to be asking questions. You had your chance in July when there was everything to question for.

Oh well... at least it’s hockey in the ROG. And fast, entertaining hockey at that. Now we know why it’s a kid’s game. Youthful legs are faster than our old fan snark. We can wait. We still have lots of reserve snark. These speedy kids can’t skate through the not-so-neutral zone clogged with gamethread wordmorabilia.

Onto the next meaningless game in the Climatorium Arena. Where the 1st Nucking win for nothing awaits.