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Preseason Recap: Nucks Lose Twice in One Night

Good thing it was Fake Game Night in Canada

NHL: Preseason-Calgary Flames at Vancouver Canucks
Gnarland Knots It Up
Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back, NM Keeners!

The Canucks played in Vancouver. The Canucks played in CowTown. The Canucks lost both games. Lost 3-2 at home and 4-0 on the road.

In a freak of compressed schedulating, the NHL Schedulers of Mischief, Mayhem & Mouthoffs had two squads of Nucks and Flames playing the same game in two cities.


The Nucks at home faced a more rookie group of Reds. They only lost 3-2 in OT. While getting outshot 45-28 by some prospects and AHLers. To be fair, the Nucks had a few soon-to-be AHLers playing too.

The Good:

Podz gets a goal, 5 hits, 4 shots and over 20 minutes on ice. Would have been more time, but he took the penalty that led to the SH OT loss. Still good pre-sophomore showing for him.

Chaos Myers pinched hard and well for the 1st time this season, leading to Podz going through the big bad Wolf. He’s the Flames young goalie who put on a little too good display.

Petey was engaged. Made some space/time moves we expect and in the 3rd made a hard pass through the paint to Gnarly who scored twice to tie the game. The NHL only counted the one goal, hence the OT. Bastards picking on us before we’re ready to be picked.

Gnarland was flying out of the gate. He wants more this season. And so do we.

Not So Good:

Bo was slow. Guess he’ll start his career-contract-year when the years starts. 2023.

The Nucking (pretend) PP went 0 for 7. We only hope it is the pretend PP. Even if it’s as consistent as some previous very real Nucking PP units.

To be fair, the mixed-signals Nucks PK only allowed the winning goal - after killing 7 penal codes in regular time.

The Horrible:

Mikheyev, our new $19M speedy forward was injured in the 2nd and didn’t return. No news at the moment. But maybe Hoagie gets a break. if only he wasn’t out of town on a sacrificial NHL road trip.

The Other Game:

It was terrible. It’s always terrible when the Nucks get shutout in Cowtown. Worse, a Sutter named Brett scored the 4th Flaming winning goal. Ugh.

Oh well... at least the Official Nucking Tweeter was teetering on timeline - pre-pre-game.

Exciting insights is what makes the preseason so uh... so... entertaining.

Oh well... no worries because the next game will be better for us or Bruce will be Kraken assignments. Tune in Thursday for another exciting round of... “We’re Not Ready!”