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Wake With Elias: Team Dogs and Young Stars

The Canucks announce some dog-related initiatives while Young Stars commences

NHL: MAR 19 Flames at Canucks Photo by Devin Manky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Canucks News

  • The Canucks announced some major news yesterday: they’re getting a team dog! And what’s more, they’re letting us fans vote for it! (What could go wrong there?) It’s a really cool initiative. Let us know your name ideas in the comments. If Cam Barker were a more prominent ex-Canuck, I think there would be some material to work with there.
  • And to go with this announcement, they’ve made a pet calendar:
  • Young Stars is underway, and Thomas Drance has some positive words for Nils Aman. I don’t love Aman’s odds for making the team, but he’s certainly someone I could see being a mid-season call up if he keeps impressing into training camp and pre-season.
  • Speaking of guys who I could see being relied on mid-season, Arshdeep Bains is on my list too. I think he’s someone with a really well-rounded offensive skillset, and I’ll certainly be keeping my eye on him in Young Stars.
  • We’ve been following the radio rights story here at Nucks Misconduct, and as it stands, there’s still no radio broadcast deal. I detailed the possible consequences a couple of weeks ago, and still stand by it. If they’re going to get a deal done, it will be under the wire at this rate.
  • And yesterday was Richard Brodeur’s birthday! He was before my time, but for my money he’s the third best goalie in Canucks history (behind Luongo and McLean). Let us know your favourite Brodeur memories in the comments, and happy belated birthday to King Richard!
  • And if you missed it, our hockey pool is up. Follow this link for more [Nucks Misconduct]

Hockey News

  • It’s heavy on the Hockey Canada news this week. First of all, this, frankly rather pathetic, statement from Connor McDavid on the Hockey Canada scandal. McDavid is the face of hockey for this generation. Saying it’s a bad situation for everybody does not even come close to cutting it. That’s not leadership.
  • In some lighter news, a positive update for Kyle Beach, who of course was at the centre of the Blackhawks sexual assault uncovering last year. Good to see him making strides in his professional life.
  • More Hockey Canada news, discussing more incidents and some of the legal figures and matters involved:
  • And Greg Wyshynski on the story of a New Jersey team in the PHF, playing in a mall! I’m a big mall guy, so I think this idea sounds just lovely. I’d be down for the Canucks playing some mall-based games.

BC Place Bulletins

BC Place Bulletins is a Friday WWE feature summarizing scores news from the local Vancouver sports scene.

  • Some superb new helmets that are being showcased by the BC Lions. Honestly, these are excellent. I would 100% pick up some merchandise in this vein.
  • Nathan Durec on the current state of fandom for the Vancouver Whitecaps, amidst a rocky year on multiple fronts.
  • And because I know there’s tons of Vancouver-based Seattle Seahawks fans, Farhan Lalji on the Seahawks big performance against the Denver Broncos. I’m going to be real with you: I don’t really have an NFL horse in the race. I cheer for my fantasy team (which is decidedly not good).