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Nucks Misconduct Hockey Pool!!

Nucks Reloaded is back and it’s time to see who is ready to lose.

The pool is open
Photo by BERTRAND GUAY/AFP via Getty Images

Hello Folks!

The Hockey season is drawing near, but more importantly Nucks Reloaded is up and running for another season of hockey pool madness!

I have taken over the reigns of the league from Philly Canuck (who did a great job). I need to know if the ladies and gents from last year are in or if I need to find another sucker.

I think the idea of a keeper league has turned out to be a bust, so we will have a new draft.
If you were a member last year, please let me know if you’re in and if are interested in joining the league let me know in this post or go find me on Twitter (@sedated_).

Let’s go!