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Passing The Torch

A bit of housekeeping as we get ready to cover a new season.

It’s been 13 years since I first started contributing my thoughts about the Vancouver Canucks here at Nucks Misconduct, and I never imagined most, if not all of what would transpire from that moment on. I certainly never imagined I would become the managing editor here at NM, something that’s been an absolute thrill and honour to do.

The last couple of years have been challenging, to say the least, and COVID has changed a lot for many of us. This, combined with work and family time pressures, along with the issues presented living three time zones over, helped me realize that much like the Canucks, change was needed.

So as we head into a new season with a Canucks team in full transition mode, I am thrilled to announce that Trevor Beggs (Beggsy) will be assuming the position of Site Manager for Nucks Misconduct going forward. Trev’s work speaks for itself, and I am confident he will be able to bring Nucks Misconduct into this new era, bigger and better than ever.

While I am stepping down as Site Manager, I am still going to be a regular contributor here, handling game previews and some other things throughout the season.

Let’s all welcome Trev to this new position, one he’s definitely deserving of, as he begins his Reign of Terror, er... new position. And to everyone who’s been a part of this over these 13 years, thank you.