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Wake With Elias: JT Miller and John Scott Did a Podcast

JT Miller and John Scott were on a podcast together, and hot takes ensued.

Vancouver Canucks v Edmonton Oilers Photo by Andy Devlin/NHLI via Getty Images

Canucks News

  • The hot takes were flowing last night, and kind of from a random source. JT Miller joined John Scott’s Dropping the Gloves Podcast, and there were some absurd things said. Scott criticized Elias Pettersson’s work ethic. He called the Canucks a cup contender. He called the defence high end. Quite literally none of these things are correct. And then of course, we analyzed JT Miller’s responses. Does he think the Canucks are good, or that they suck? Does he actually hate Petey? Is he itching to get out? I'm not sure Miller actually said anything super provocative — the worst of it seemed to come from Scott — but nonetheless, it made for an interesting evening of debate.

Some select quotes are below, so make of them what you will. It’s slow news-wise, and we’re all craving Miller content, so it’s somewhat interesting, but it’s hard to take any of Scott’s assertions seriously, quite frankly.

  • Prospects expert Cam Robinson on what Jonathan Lekkerimaki can prove at the World Juniors. As much as we want him to succeed, I think it’s important either way to keep things in perspective. It’ll be fun to watch him, but his success or failure in the tournament won't define him, so watch with reservation folks.
  • Tickets are now available for the Penticton Young Stars tournament. Not many high end prospects, but by all accounts, it’s a fun time.
  • A couple other Young Stars notes. The Abbotsford Canucks coaching staff will be behind the bench, so we get our look at Jeremy Collation behind a Canucks bench. The three prospects the organization has highlighted — Bains, Alan, and Klimovich — are probably three I’ll be highly intrigued by too. None seem especially likely to make the club, but crazier things have happened.
  • And a fun question posed by local podcast Rink Wide (of Jeff Paterson and Andrew Wadden). Who is the best #48 in Canucks history: Hunter Shinkaruk or Olli Juolevi? Both incredible busts. Two men who were the subject of many Twitter wars. Juolevi played 23 games to Shinkaruk’s.... One. So Olli wins on volume (and he also gave us the great starfish photo last training camp). Have your say though. Maybe you’re eternally grateful to Shinkaruk for getting us Markus Granlund.

Hockey News

  • A World Juniors roundup: Canada destroyed Slovakia 11-1, the Americans took down Switzerland 7-1, and Finland narrowly outfit the Czechs 4-3 in a shootout. I predicted a tighter 4-1 win yesterday for Canada, and I was not close! [TSN]
  • Some sad news out of Edmonton, with the passing of Ben Stelter. Rest In Peace, Ben.
  • Kind of an interesting note out of the United Kingdom. With a new Prime Minister on the way, the men’s and women’s hockey teams are requesting increased and equitable funding for team sport.
  • Some women’s hockey tidbits from our friends at The Ice Garden, with some roster news for the USA Women’s Team.
  • And some NHL news of relevance to the Canucks: Vegas Golden Knights net minder Robin Lehner is out for the season. It’s a blow to a team that was already a bit fragile, and an unfortunate circumstance for someone who has already been through quite a bit. What it means for Vegas’ playoff chances is to be determined (though it’s probably not good!), and what they’ll do to fill the gap is up in the air.

BC Place Bulletins

BC Place Bulletins is a new thing I’m going to try and do with the Friday WWE posts. It will summarize scores and major news from Vancouver’s other sports teams, including the BC Lions (CFL), Vancouver Whitecaps (MLS), and Vancouver Giants (WHL).

  • Sekeres and Price interview the new BC Lions star quarterback, Nathan Rourke. The Lions next play the Calgary Stampeders August 13th at 4 PM PST.
  • The Vancouver Giants have representation across the World Juniors, with players joining the Czech Republic, Canada, and Sweden. Some more Vancouver stakes, if the Canucks prospects weren't enough for you.
  • And the Vancouver Whitecaps, who have had an interesting season to-date, play Sunday at 2 PM, with Sebastian Berhalter making his return.