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2022 IIHF WJC Game Day: Canada vs Slovakia

Latvia v Canada: Group A - 2022 IIHF World Junior Championship Photo by Lawrence Scott/Getty Images

TEAM CANADA (1-0-0-0) vs TEAM SLOVAKIA (0-0-0-1)


3PM PDT - TSN (TV, radio, and streaming)

After putting up a 5-2 win against the Latvians, the Canadian team looks to put up a second straight win with a contest against the Slovaks. The goal scorers for the Canadians were consensus 2023 first overall pick Connor Bedard, as well as Ridly Greig, William Dufour, Lukas Cormier, and Olen Zellweger. According to TSN, the Canadian world junior team is 14-0-1 against the Slovaks, so I suppose you have to like their odds. Slovakia, for their part, are coming off a tight 5-4 loss to the Czech Republic.

Canada currently sits alongside Finland and the Czech Republic with a win in their group (and three points each), while Slovakia has one loss and Latvia has two.

Finland plays the Czech Republic today, and will feature Canucks defence prospect Joni Jurmo. Prospect Jacob Truscott, playing with the Americans, faces off against the Swiss, while 2022 first round pick Jonathan Lekkerimaki and Team Sweden play the Austrians tomorrow. For those maybe more interested in strictly Canucks content, there are options for you.

I have to say, the main takeaway that I have had from the tournament so far is that the crowds look, well, not great. This is from the Canada-Latvia match:

And that’s for the Canadian team! Whether it’s because of the ongoing Hockey Canada scandal or the fact that it’s a summer tournament, this kind of audience is not great news for the tournament. I guess we’ll see if things turn around, but for me, the main story will be the business implications of this makeup tournament and its ramifications down the road if things go sideways.

So follow along, let us know your thoughts in the comments, and make some predictions while you’re at. I will go with a 4-1 win for Canada, with my limited knowledge of prospects. Enjoy the summer game folks.

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