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Wake With Elias- July 25, 2022: Canucks Reverse Retro Leak Causes A Buzz

After their first attempt was dubbed ‘The Sprite Can’ by some, the Canucks appear to have a winner with a Johnny Canuck themed Reverse Retro jersey for next season.

NHL: FEB 23 Oilers at Canucks Photo by Devin Manky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The last time the Canucks issued a Reverse Retro jersey, they decided to take a past model that was not exactly well-loved as it was, and apply the current colour scheme. That some dubbed it ‘The Sprite Can’ shows just how much it missed the mark in terms of what the fans wanted to see. Over the weekend, there was a leak in a Facebook Marketplace post that shows what is reported to be the next RR release from the Canucks, and if this is it, you might wanna put aside the cash for its release date because it rocks!

As a fan of the Johnny Canuck logo (those green Abbotsford Canucks jerseys are awesome), I love the true retro nature of this, along with the colour scheme. The darker blue is sharp, and does a fine job of paying tribute to the 1960’s WHL Canucks.

Meanwhile, the re-scheduled World Junior Championships are coming up next month, and three recent Canucks draft picks have been added to Team Sweden’s training camp ahead of the tournament set for August in Edmonton.

As far as the tournament goes, the fallout from the multiple sexual assault scandals facing the 2003 and 2018 teams that are currently underway continues. Another major sponsor pulled its support as Bauer withdrew from the tournament.

And in light of all of this, a question that should have been asked ages ago has now surfaced:

Also, how is it possible this just keeps getting worse?