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Where are we at right now?

The direction of the Canucks is up in the air right now

NHL: Los Angeles Kings at Vancouver Canucks Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

The title is a philosophical question posted to you, Canuck fans. Vancouver media, which is usually very focused on ripping apart every decision ever made by Canucks ownership, management, coaching and stadium vendors, has had a very “Pollyanna” attitude towards the future. (Google it)

I am trying to figure out why.

It would seem that many are still drunk off the firing of Benning and Co. and believe that fresh bodies will fix eight years of “What the fuck..”. Now, I am willing to give Rutherford and Allvin the benefit of the doubt and quietly hope they can create a team that can get to the playoffs, but I also look at every move they make and sometimes can only see the mistake of it.

Let’s talk about issue number one in Canuckland…..J.T. Miller. The real issue with Miller is not whether he wants to be here or not. It’s the fact that after next year, (hell even this year), the Canucks can’t afford him. The cap situation created by Benning’s $6 million/yr contracts sucks. Guess what, Miller won’t take $6 million a year. My guess would be $8 million minimum a year for 6 years. Creating space for him is a mental exercise in itself that causes wars on Twitter. But let’s all agree that Tyler Myers and his contract won’t magically disappear to make that space. Getting rid of Myers would include eating some of his contract or giving away draft picks. (Rutherford said early on that he wasn’t going to do that)

That’s leads me to the Canucks first real move under Allvin, which was signing Brock and realistically closed the door to re-signing Miller. Unless they trade Brock or Bo, who is another one who will need a new contract next year. Or Allvin could trade Garland, who was a Benning signing that wasn’t $6 million/yr…only $5 million.

All this focus on the forward situation makes me feel like not much has changed with this new management group. They have done much to address the weakest part of the team which is defense. $21 million a year spent on three guys doesn’t leave much to fill in the gaps for the 3rd pairing or when one or more of them go down with injury.

The Canucks salary cap is at $81,572,000, give or take a thousand. Michael Ferland’s salary with be LTIR for this year and I haven’t included it in that number.

So, if everyone comes on injured reserve for the start of the year, the team roster is set. If Allvin wants to grab a free agent or two, then people are going to have to be moved. I am not sure how valuable Miller was right before the draft, but I was hoping he would get traded then, or Brock got traded, so that there were fewer questions going into the year. When I think of Bo and Miller starting the year with no contract for next year, I think back to the season that Hamhuis and Vrbata were supposed to be traded for draft picks or prospects for the future. And then they both got injured and they left the team in exchange for squat.

All the year predictions come in September and October, but if I was asked about this team’s chances right now, I would say they would still have trouble making the playoffs. The team played well under Boudreau for the second half of the year, but the system still has holes in it. While the PP improved, the PK still struggled. The team could not compete against Edmonton and Calgary. (Calgary has their own issues now)

If the Canucks come out with the same team this year, what makes you think that they will be better than last year? I’m not sure that they will get to the playoffs without some sort of roster change. Unfortunately, that change may only come in February if the Canucks become sellers.

I know, it doesn’t seem like I have a lot of positivity towards the year. But like every other year, I go in hoping for something better. I hope this team can get their crap together.

But I also hope that doesn’t include a 8 year extension for Miller.