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2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Round Three Open Thread- June 4, 2022

Can the Oil Lose at Home With Dignity?

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Los Angeles Kings at Edmonton Oilers
Home McDavid Will Save The Series
Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports


While the first couple games went as expected for the Avs - mile high firewagon hockey in game 1, in the 2nd game the wheels came off the Oil wagon. Shutout by the Avs backup goalie, world’s best player’s point streak busted and the Oil’s best D was a -3 in the game.

Most of NM’s braindraintrust picked the Avs to win this series. So far, those look like good guesses.

Tonight it will be different - playing in the Northern ROG. Home ice advantage goes to the HNIC team... er.. the Oilers.

It’s a new and desperate look for the Oil as our former Canucklehead, Kassian, is slated to play alongside McDavid. That’s how desperate cool and calm Jay Woodcroft is this round. Expect that line to play one shift before reverting to the 97/29 combo.

For the sake of the game and HNIC bleating (and our predictions), we hope the Oil can win at least one game in the series.

These remaining games in the remaining rounds are why we in Nuckingland enjoy early damp summer weather and yard maintenance. With short breaks for draft day chatter.

Enjoy the spectacle. Not this one, but the Avs/Rags final - that has the NHL salivating over record TV ratings.