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Luongo, Sedins Heading To The Hall Of Fame

The 2022 inductees to the Hockey Hall Of Fame have been announced and it’s a pretty good day to be a Canucks fan as Roberto Luongo, Daniel Sedin and Henrik Sedin get the nod.

NHL: JAN 20 Panthers at Canucks Photo by Derek Cain/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It’s been a trying few years, watching this team. The way things just crumbled after 2011, and so much losing, it’s been rare when we could really have something to celebrate, but today, we can.

They voted all three in on their first year of eligibility, and while we’re a bit biased in these parts, it really did seem to be a no-brainer to have them all go in at the same time.

All three have Olympic and World Championship Gold Medals, and they won a combined eight NHL awards. Daniel won the Art Ross, Ted Lindsay and King Clancy Trophies. Brother Henrik won the Art Ross, the Hart, as the league’s MVP and was a two time King Clancy winner. And Luongo, who really should have gotten a Vezina win at some point, won the Jennings along with Cory Schneider.

What these three meant to this team, this city, this province and Canucks fans everywhere is something that is hard to accurately describe. And while we know how much Florida means to Luongo, it’s undeniable his best years were as a Canuck, and while we wouldn’t hold it against him, it would be fantastic to see him go in as a Canuck, in recognition of a time when the Canucks were one of the most dominant in the NHL.

The ceremony will be worth watching as the twins from Ornskoldsvik, Sweden and the kid from Montreal take their rightful place among the legends in the shrine to hockey greatness. Joining them will be another Swede, Daniel Alfredsson, Herb Carnegie (admitted posthumously in the Builders category) and Finnish women’s legend Miikka Sallinen. It is extremely disappointing to note however, that they once again left a spot for another women’s admission unused, especially with players like Caroline Ouellette, Jennifer Botterill, Julie Chu and Meghan Duggan all eligible. They’ve only inducted two women in the same year once since 2010, and that’s just not acceptable.