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Gamethread #73: Canucks vs Sharks

Canucks come home to face the Sharks

NHL: Tampa Bay Lightning at Vancouver Canucks Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

Is there a coincidence between me going to the beach for a few days and the Canucks winning two games in a row 5-1?

There is where I would insert the GIF that says “maybe”, but Jimmi says that there should be a no GIF policy until the Canucks lose again and I can’t go against superstition.

The Canucks should win this game. The Sharks are not very good right now. As Kent pointed out in the preview, the Sharks can’t seem to score goals. I hear you need those to win games.

(Insert your own GIF here)

The Canuck players say they are focused on making the playoffs, but what else would you have them say? Bo scoring more goals definitely adds to his trade value at the draft.

Let’s hope for for another 5-1 victory!

Go Canucks Go!