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Gamethread #81: Canucks vs Kings

The game the Canucks need a month ago is here.

NHL: Seattle Kraken at Vancouver Canucks Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

Imagine if this game took place a month ago and the Canucks won.

Now let it go.

The Canucks play their last home game of the year tonight against the Kings of L.A. Before the game will come the awards for the year. Disappointment of the year goes to Brock Boeser. Can you imagine if they gave that award out? Much like the last game, tonight is about players trying to pad their stats in meaningless games. I am not sure if this will occur with our Swedish GM, but I think this is Brock’s last home game. Miller or Boeser are the obvious choices for being traded before the draft. The argument could be made that Miller wasn’t putting up Boeser points at the same age and Boeser could get better. I doubt Boeser gets anywhere near 100 points in a season in his career though. The bigger difference between the two though is that Miller is just a better overall player. He can play in all situations and in multiple spots and let’s face it....he’s just a more physical guy and this team needs that.

I choose not to talk about L.A., as I hate the fact they made the playoffs.

Go Coconuts Go!