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Gamethread #76 Canucks vs Stars

Canucks can’t stop winning now, especially against Dallas

NHL: Montreal Canadiens at Vancouver Canucks Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

So, do I have to mention the importance of tonight’s game or is it getting repetitive?

Not since the first year of Willie have the Canucks been comfortably set in the playoffs at this late stage. It does make watch these games a little more exciting, but let’s not fool ourselves, not only is the Canucks almost might be a bad thing if they make the playoffs.

I know...if they get in, anything can happen. While technically true, logically it’s a pile of horseshit. It would be another case of 2019-20. The Canucks make some waves and management might believe this is the team that can win long term.

So to say I am conflicted is true. I want more hockey. I want a team that can compete long term. Maybe it can both happen? The Canucks get in and Allvin still trades Brock or J.T. or Bo for picks and a player.

I know....I’m greedy.

This no GIF thing really shows how bad of a writer I am. But no ones reads I am safe.

Go Canucks Go!