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Gamethread #75: Canucks vs Yotes

Vancouver needs to continue this winning streak against Arizona.

NHL: Vegas Golden Knights at Vancouver Canucks Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

You’re going to need to take an extra shower tonight. I’m not talking about the fact you will sweat during this game from anxiety. I am talking about the fact that you also need to cheer for Calgary, Edmonton and Minnesota to win tonight. That’s all kinds of dirty to wash off.

The nice thing about destiny being in your own hands is it can be real Win every game and you should get in the playoffs. The bad thing about having destiny in your own hands is that history shows that winning is hard and the Canucks have had trouble doing it.

Superstition continues tonight as this gamethread is a GIF free zone. Giphy is losing lots of revenue since I am not going there.

Not much else to say....the Canucks need to win. And every one else needs to lose.

That’s it.

Go Canucks Go!