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Gamethread #74: Canucks vs Vegas

This is the last time the Canucks and Golden Knights meet and this game seems important.

NHL: San Jose Sharks at Vancouver Canucks Derek Cain-USA TODAY Sports

Well, I am not one to break superstitious tendencies, so no GIFS for you!

The Canucks face the Golden Knights for the last time tonight. Both teams need a win to keep playoff hopes I have a feeling that the Bettman point may come into effect tonight. Free-wheeling, open ice, high scoring is off the menu tonight. Neutral zone trapping with lots of hitting is on the table.

The curse of Jack Eichel is a real thing by the way.

Alex Chiasson is due for a hat trick.

Only 9 games left to go...

Need to win them all.

Go Canucks Go!