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Gamethread #56: Canucks vs Islanders

Canucks need to come out of New York with a win.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Carolina Hurricanes James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

First off, the Canucks need to stay the hell out of New Jersey...forever.

Secondly, the Canucks need to please start playing the game from the first drop of the puck. There are far too many games where it takes the Nucks 10 minutes of being in their own end and getting scored on in the first period before they wake up.

The Canucks go into Long Island 7 “realistic” points out of a playoff spot. The last time these two teams met, the Nucks spotted the Isles 5 goals before they decided to play. That’s a shitty gameplan. When the Nucks play the Isles, they need to play a tighter game, as the Nucks seem to win the one goal games against New York, but never blow them out.

Let’s enjoy what be the last few games of Brock Boeser in a Canucks jersey.

Go Canucks Go!