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Gamethread #66: Canucks vs Wild

Canucks go into Minnesota trying to get back into the playoff picture.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Detroit Red Wings Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

It was a great team effort in Colorado last night.

An almost perfect road game. (way too many penalties)

Now the Canucks go into Minnesota to face a Wild team that has to start looking at the standings. The Wild are only 8 points ahead of non-wild card teams. The Wild went out and got Marc-Andre Fleury to have a strong tandem down the stretch.

The Nucks lost the last game against the Wild back in October...under that old coach.

The Canucks will have to be better than their back-to-back record this year. (2-5-2) and for this to occur, they will definitely have to take less penalties....or bribe the refs.

I hope this is the game where Brock scores 5 goals and Save-On-Foods has to a shit load of money to someone.

Tonight is a night where two T.V.s will be on in my house as Canada is in Costa Rica to try and clinch a World Cup birth.

So I mean it twice as much when I say,

Go Canucks Go!