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Gamethread #65: Canucks vs Avs

Canucks face a tough test against the best in Colorado tonight.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Toronto Maple Leafs Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports about that trade deadline?

Canucks management has decided to let this team finish out the season as is, for the most part. Losing Motte will have an effect on the PK and we’ll see if the 4th line can still be as effective as before. Losing Harmonic....meh.

The Canucks are too far out of a wild card spot....they are. They have a better chance of getting 3rd in the division. (7 points behind the Oilers)

Dear Edmonton, please begin the collapse.

It seems unfortunate that the Canucks lose to a bad Detroit and Buffalo team and then have to try and start a new winning streak in Colorado against the best team in the league.

Now the Nucks have to find a way to win some big games against better teams. The Canucks haven’t beaten the Avs this year. They weren’t even close. So a win is guaranteed, right?

Not by me.

But I will cheer loudly no matter what!

Go Canucks Go!