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Nucks Misconduct Roundtable: Trade Deadline Edition

Are you all in on Allvin? Rating the moves the Canucks made (and didn’t make) at the trade deadline.

NHL: MAR 20 Sabres at Canucks Photo by Derek Cain/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It’s time for another edition of the Nucks Misconduct Roundtable. We get our writers together and ask them a number of questions about the state of this team we’ve been cursed to follow. Sometimes they play it straight, sometimes it’s Westy and Jimmi, but you’ll always get the unvarnished opinions on the Canucks here.

The trade deadline has come and gone, and the Canucks made three trades as well as a waiver wire pickup. We asked the NM staff to weigh on these, as well as the deadline overall.

1- With two players traded out, and two brought in, the Canucks acquired some picks and gave themselves a little more cap room. How are you feeling about Patrik Allvin’s first deadline as Canucks GM?

Beggsy - It was a fine deadline for Allvin. Trading Motte was a must once he knew that the team couldn’t re-sign him, and dealing Hamonic was a stroke of genius. I like the Dermott addition too.

I wouldn’t give him an A — that would have meant trading Halak, dealing a contract like Myers/Pearson/Dickinson/Poolman along with trading one of Boeser/Miller/Garland for a haul — but it was a competent day for the front office.

Kent- I went into this with fairly low expectations, so overall I am pretty happy. I think that there’s not a need to do panic deals, and there was obviously no offers for other players that made sense for the team to make. The biggest need for this team is cap room to address players that need to be re-signed, so a bit of relief in that department, and isn’t it nice to see them not just let players walk away because they weren’t able to get something done? I think Dermott fills in for Hamonic nicely and is younger and cheaper. The Motte return wasn’t spectacular, but grabbing Richardson, a known commodity in these parts, to fill that slot cheaply also works.

Markus - I think this was simple, but solid work. Moving out Hamonic and bringing in Dermott both sheds cap space, gets younger, and brings in a more mobile and useful player. From the sounds of it, that was a good locker room move, too. The Motte deal might seem underwhelming, but that was just the market for a Motte-esque player, and honestly, the people wishing for a 2nd+ were being ridiculous. That we got anything for an asset we would have lost is a massive improvement over past deadlines (see: the Vrbata/Hamhuis saga of 2016). Not groundbreaking, and I would have liked to see Pearson or Halak moved (not Allvin’s fault they have NTCs — thanks Jim!), but overall a tidy day.

Rob - The move to get rid of Travis Hamonic, his off ice issues, his entire Cap hit and get a third round draft pick back was a stroke of genius, although some would say (Thank you Jack) Capuano for the deal coming to fruition.

But then the third round pick was suddenly gone in exchange for the Toronto Maple Leafs 8th best D-man before I could even check Bob McKenzie’s compendium of the top 100 prospects available in the 2022 Draft. Dubas had promised Travis Dermott that he would grant his trade wish just like years ago he promised Josh Leivo the same thing. There was no market for Dermott. He should have garnered only a seventh round courtsey pick like Troy Stecher got for Steve Yzerman in Detroit. Allvin wasted a third round pick on a replacement level defender who couldn’t earn a third pairing spot on a bad Leafs’ defence corps. Players like him are available for free and cheap during free agency every off season.

If you believe the so-called hockey insiders, Motte should have garnered at least a second round pick with interest from Tampa and others. I think Allvin overplayed his hand and then settled for anything he could get as the clock clicked down on the deadline.

Westy - The management of the Canucks wants more time to see what they have. I can’t blame them. After inheriting a shitty team, Bruce turned them into a contender (figuratively of course). Now the team is starting to come down to their actual level and GMPA doesn’t want to trade just for the sake of trading. Motte had to go because there was no way to give him the contract he wanted ...and deserved. Harmonic had to go...attitude and contract. I am ok with seeing how this team finishes out the year.

jimmi - I’m feeling a little underwhelmed actually. Possibly because the weeks of warm whelming trade winds of Vancouver hockey media had sent JT to the Rags, Bess to Minni, Bo to CoTU, Myers to the Peg for a full cottage refund (with a pool, man) and Halak to Abby the road games. In exchange we’d have a fist-full of 1st round picks and dollars. And Top 4D that PK. And score. On the PK, the PP and times in-between.

Still... can’t right all the wrongs of JB’s years of tenuous tenure in a single day. Unfortunately.

Allvin with JR’s steady hand on the Trade-Them-All button does give me confidence to face getting screwed again at the lotto wheel of doom. The draft and off season will reveal more. Something new to dread in a new way. So that’s good.

2- Of the three deals and one waiver wire pickup, which one did you like the best?

Beggsy - I’m still shocked that they were able to get out of Hamonic’s contract without retaining salary.

Kent- I think the Hamonic deal will look better with time, especially with the rumblings coming out that Hamonic was not a fit in that room. To get a pick, and get Ottawa to take that salary off the Canucks books was a hell of a way to show this fan base that things will be different moving forward. There’s no way in hell Benning pulls off this deal.

Markus - Definitely moving out Hamonic. That they got rid of a middling player on a bad contract without retaining anything is remarkable, and an incredibly efficient move.

Rob - Getting rid of Hamonic is the only move I like of the four.

Westy - Anyone who doesn’t say Harmonic is a liar.

jimmi - Can’t lie, agree with all of the above, or just the part about Hamonic justice.

3- Any potential move you’re disappointed that they weren’t able to get done?

Beggsy - It would have been nice to get away from Halak’s bonus but as Allvin said in the press conference “that’s the contract he has” (or something along those lines).

In a perfect world, I would have liked it if one of Miller, Garland or Boeser was dealt for a 1st rounder + top prospect RHD + others, but none of those potential moves had to happen by Monday’s deadline.

Kent- I was hopeful that they could get Garland moved, but I think the contract is the key there. Now, if he comes back next season and puts up the kind of numbers they were expecting to get from him, we could see it happen then, but for now he’ll still be our angry lil elf.

Markus - Like I said, I would have liked to see Halak go, as well as some of the other “middle class” players (Pearson, Dickinson, Poolman). Ultimately though, those are hard to move, so I’m not mad they couldn’t pull it off. Maybe in the offseason?

Rob - With the Canucks running out of gas when push came to shove in their last three home games, I fully expected Jimmy Rutherford and his massive Management team to pull the lever on a brilliant move or two that they had kept in their back pockets after their long observance period. But all we got was crickets on a substantial move. I am a bit antsy about the upcoming summer of Jim 2.0 because the pressure will really be on him and his crew to make significant positive improvements. That is when big mistakes usually happen (see Jim 1.0).

Westy - I wouldn’t have been sad to see Boeser go if the return was a 1st round pick and a prospect. I still wonder how the hell the team will keep him.

jimmi - See my unmet expectations above - or don’t - they weren’t met. Expected some new better looking faces on the roster - not slagging Brad - he’s a ‘real good’ 4 goals-a-game player.

Still... not unhappy JT is still a Canuck. Halak tho... oh well smart to save him for the upset win games.

4- Who was, in your opinion, the big winner on deadline weekend? And who pulled a Benning?

Beggsy - Really like what Anaheim did as a seller. In exchange for Josh Manson, Hampus Lindholm and Rikard Rakell, the Ducks got a 1st round pick, three 2nd round picks, John Moore, Urho Vaakanainen, Dominik Simon, Zach Aston-Reese, a good goalie prospect in Calle Clang and a rock-solid prospect in RHD Drew Helleson. They also offloaded 4th liner Nic Deslauriers to Minnesota for a 3rd round pick.

Not bad work at all for a team that’s almost as good as the Canucks and one that has a much better prospect pool. That’s without mentioning that GM Pat Verbeek has been on the job for less time than Allvin.

Pierre Dorion was already in Jim Benning company as one of the least competent GMs in the NHL. He did swing some good deals but the Hamonic one was a headscratcher.

Okay, so maybe no one was quite on Benning’s level...

Kent- I think Anaheim did a solid job of shipping out players that could get them picks and salary cap space. Florida snagging Claude Giroux could be the difference maker in the playoffs this year. Minnesota becomes a threat with Fleury in goal. Montreal and Seattle did fantastic jobs in garnering their teams multiple draft picks. Colorado didn’t land the prize they wanted, but still solidified their squad.

As far as Jimming it up, the Edmonton Oilers had one clear need, and again failed to address it. Not being able to land a goaltender to replace Mike Smith and Mikko Koskinen is going to lead to another playoff disaster for the Oilers, that is if they can even hang on to the spot they currently have. Vegas didn’t do much, and got caught trying to cheat with Anaheim. Carolina bringing in Max Domi so Tony D’Angelo would have someone to roleplay overthrowing the US government was a real possibility, but we all know who the winner of the losers is here: the Ottawa Senators. They nearly won it for taking the Hamonic contract straight up, but every single move they made really makes you wonder how it helps that team.

Markus - Yeah, have to echo Anaheim. Sold on players they knew wouldn’t be long-term solutions, and got nice young assets in return. Beggs laid it out in depth, but it was basically a perfect deadline for a team in their position. They know where they’re at in their cycle, and they got solid value for all their assets. Importantly, they didn’t hold onto long-time (and good) Ducls because “well look, they’re good players!!!” or whatever other nonsense people spew. It’s the kind of thing I wish the Canucks did years ago, and I’m pretty impressed/jealous.

Rob - I think Minnesota is the big winner. I think Marc-Andre Fleury gives them a really good chance to get to the Western Conference Final at least and maybe all the way to the Stanley Cup Final.

Ottawa gets my Jim Benning award by trading for Hamonic.

Westy - I wonder why all the other guys pay attention to other teams. Traitors.

jimmi - Ducking wait a 3rd 4th round! Those other teams are only in the Fantasy League and made real when our Nucking masochism levels are in need of adjustment - a constant need for over 50 years.

5- And finally, the Canucks have three games in four nights starting Wednesday in Colorado. Predictions, please.

Beggsy - I’ll be pleasantly surprised if they pick up more than a point in the back-to-back against Colorado and Minnesota. Dallas has been really good at home this season but that’s a game I like the Canucks to win.

If they lose out, the majority of “Team Playoffs” will be joining the “Team Tank” bandwagon. We’ve already seen enough of that over the years in Vancouver, so here’s hoping that’s not the case.

Kent- This stretch is just brutal, and I don’t feel like there’s a truly winnable game here. Maybe Dallas if they’re not too tired, but they should be able to rest Demko by starting Halak in Minnesota. So I would say if they can come out of the back to back with even a single point, that’s a win, but unless we see a miracle this week, the playoff dream is over.

Markus - Maybe three of six points? It’s gonna be tough, and you have to think they recognize they're out of it. I don’t think they’ll be destroyed, but I think it’ll be pretty mediocre.

Rob - I said they would sweep their last three games and they soiled their sheets. So this time I’ll go with three regulation losses which means they are a lock to win all three.

Westy - 4 points would be a miracle. 1 point would not be a surprise.

jimmi - Agree with Kent - shock gif - Nucks could win in Texas with Demko Halak if they play Halak Martin Demko in Minni.

To be objectively optimistic, the Nucks road record is better than their onerous home broken record. Back when OEL and Pete weren’t playing hurt, Myers wasn’t playing stupid and the Motto line was hitting opponents and netcams.

So... that’s a not-easy 1 or 2 really hard points out of 6 on the menu. Also... anyone read the contract...will Brad be getting 4 goals in each of the games or is that only when he plays against us?