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Wake With Elias- Mar 22,2022: The Deadline Has Passed (Sort Of).

A busy deadline day could see some of the day’s big moves overshadowed by one that gets rejected by the NHL.

Los Angeles Kings v Vegas Golden Knights Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Yesterday’s NHL Trade Deadline started slow but finished with a Fleury of activity (get it?), and we’ll go over what the Canucks did and didn’t do, the big story is the second to last trade of the day. The Vegas Golden Knights sent Evgenii Dadonov and a 2023 2nd round pick to Anaheim for D John Moore and the contract of Ryan Kesler. As much as these deals for contracts of players are just ridiculous, they’re legal and good on the Ducks for finding a taker. It didn’t take long, though, for the record scratch to be heard on this one.

So what could the issue be? Well, turns out when you have a limited NTC, it has to be honoured. Just one problem. Vegas was apparently not aware of the NTC.

So where should the blame fall here? That would be the team who traded Dadonov to Vegas in the first place, right?

Now, I am not a sports lawyer (shocking, I know), but shouldn’t this be part of the contract itself? It would seem that the team should know this when acquiring a player. So we blame Ottawa then? Well, only partially. And why is that? Two words: due diligence.

Even if Vegas was not given that information, it’s safe to assume that a call to his agent would have revealed a) Dadonov has a NTC and b) Anaheim was one of the teams on this list. So we’re then left to assume one of two things: Either the Golden Knights management knew there was an NTC but just assumed the Ducks were fine, or they didn’t know about the list. Either way, speaking with his agent, you know, like the way nearly every single trade in the sports world goes down, would have prevented this embarrassing situation.

It seems like some of the media really want to nail Ottawa on this one, and in fairness they should be called out if they didn’t submit that information during the original trade. The majority of the blame has to go to Vegas on this, though. If they didn’t ask about it in the first place, then fail to even inform the player’s agent that they were working on this deal, that is their failing to own.

And let’s face it, this is a dunce cap that the Golden Children of the new NHL need to wear while they go sit in the corner. They were so accustomed to having others do the hard work for them as the league, eager to make in roads ahead of an inevitable plunge into the world of sports betting, that they never even thought about doing the bare minimum. It’s such a perfect analogy for this utterly entitled franchise, and anything less than the trade getting nixed, and Vegas being forced to make a move to get cap compliant, would be a travesty. I find it hilarious that a GM as experienced as George McPhee would not know something this vital about a player who they were eager to obtain, and literally gave away Marc Andre Fleury for nothing so they could have the cap space to trade for Dadonov.

We’ll see how it all plays out, but I believe this one’s gonna get nixed by the NHL.

The Canucks made two moves yesterday, one expected and one not. First, they sent pending UFA Tyler Motte to the New York Rangers for a 2023 4th round pick. Not exactly a home run in terms of return by any stretch, but given the way UFA’s were able to just walk from this club over the last few years, it’s better than nothing. And with the news that they were unable to come to terms with Motte and his agent, with the desire to create cap space and get younger, this was the right move. As good as Motte had been, in terms of on ice performance, fit with the room and as a representative in the community, none of those justified giving him the kind of raise he and his rep were likely looking for.

They also grabbed Brad Richardson off the waiver wire from the Calgary Flames. Richardson spent time here previously, and is a suitable replacement for Motte to ride out the rest of the season. Overall, not a bad first deadline for the new management team, and while it wasn’t the massive fire sale like we saw in Montreal or Anaheim, the process of rebuilding is definitely rolling, with much of the hard work to come this summer at the Draft and once free agency opens.

We’ve got a Nucks Misconduct Round Table talking about the deadline coming up later today, so make sure to check it out and get your thoughts in on how things went.

JPat is bang on here in terms of what to watch with the remaining eighteen games this season. I am looking forward to seeing Jack Rathbone and Will Lockwood getting called up from Abbotsford and getting a serious audition for next season, and if it manages to help them battle their way into a playoff spot, as unlikely as it seems at this point, even better.

Good move here by the Canucks to ensure Podkolzin can join the Baby Canucks once his NHL season is finished. More experience, especially playoff is going to only help the rookie, regardless of which league it’s in, and Abbotsford will definitely enjoy having Podz in their lineup as they make the post-season in their first year in the Fraser Valley.

The Canucks are about to embark on a brutal four game road swing that includes three games in four nights, starting off with a back to back in Colorado and Minnesota. They then head to Dallas Saturday afternoon before a stop in St Louis next Monday, then return home to face the Blues again Wednesday. They’re going to need to at bare minimum split this road trip, something that at face value looks to be near impossible.


There were three games affecting the Canucks playoff hopes last night, so let’s run down those results and the impact, before looking at what is on tap for tonight. The team holding down the final Wild Card slot at the moment is the Vegas Golden Knights and they were in Minnesota to take on the Wild. Gotta give Cam Talbot credit here, as he puts up a shutout before losing his starters job to Marc Andre Fleury in a 3-0 win over the Golden Knights.

Vegas is four points up on the Canucks, who hold a game in hand.

The Oilers were in Colorado to take on the Avalanche, and fell victim to a Nathan MacKinnon OT goal in a 3-2 loss in Denver last night. Edmonton is third in the Pacific, seven points ahead of the Canucks with a game in hand.

Matt Duchene and Filip Forsberg each scored twice in the third period as Nashville cruised to a 6-3 win over the Anaheim Ducks. Nashville is third in the Central, ten points ahead of the Canucks with a game in hand, while Anaheim stays three points back of the Canucks and seven behind Vegas. Vancouver has a game in hand on the Ducks.

A couple big games to keep an eye on tonight, meanwhile. First up is Vegas heading to Winnipeg to take on the Jets. The Canucks and Jets are tied in points, with the Jets having both a game in hand and more ROWs than Vancouver.

Edmonton is in Dallas to battle the Stars. Dallas sits 3 points ahead of the Canucks, with three games in hand, so the Canucks could really use Edmonton’s help here in keeping the Stars within striking distance.

Last up is Nashville in Los Angeles. The Kings are eight points up on Vancouver, and looking to lock down a playoff berth, currently sitting second in the Pacific.

If they can get some favourable results tonight, it sets up a chance to move forward with a big win in Colorado on Wednesday, if such a thing were possible.