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Gamethread #64: Canucks vs Sabres

This may be the last chance to talk about playoffs as the Canucks need to beat Buffalo tonight.

NHL: New Jersey Devils at Vancouver Canucks Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

For some reason I hear the Doors singing, “This is the end my friend..”

Last night’s game was expected to some degree. Inconsistency has been a problem all year. Getting going in the first has been a problem all year. Would this Canuck team been a playoff contender with Bruce at the helm all year? .....maybe, but he wasn’t the Coach and so the team floundered and had too many points to make up before the trade deadline.

And so now GM Patrick Allvin gets to shape this team. First up, Travis Harmonic is off to Ottawa for a 3rd round pick. Addition by subtraction? Not sure, but the Canucks defensive core needs a shake up. Harmonic had issues from the start of his tenure and still got a $3 million/3 year contract because the Canucks didn’t have much else going on for NHL ready defensemen. Travis McDermott comes to the Nucks from Toronto for a 3rd round pick and is half the price of Harmonic. He won’t be in town in time for the game.

The Canucks play a Buffalo team that started out so hot this year, including beating Vancouver the one time they met. Reality soon set in for the Sabres after that win and they have struggled ever since. Having said that, the Sabres did beat the Flames 1-0 in Calgary in their last game and have 3 wins in their last 4 games.

The Canucks Still have quite a few games to play this season and still have a chance for a playoff spot, but if the opportunity to build a stronger team, long-term, comes around, I’m sure Allvin and Rutherford will jump on it.

Enjoy looking at this team, it might be completely different tomorrow.

Go Canucks Go!