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Gamethread #63: Canucks vs Flames

Vancouver has to win tonight against Calgary.

NHL: Detroit Red Wings at Vancouver Canucks Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

Here is what I know (not all of my knowledge...some of it).

1. The Canucks getting shutout by the Red Wings have led to a button being hit on Twitter. Doom and gloom has come back, so every one is being traded and for ridiculous returns. At the same time, people are saying that Twitter full of people who make up rumors to get clicks. I’m not sure what the clicks get you, but it’s not liquor or food, so forget it.

2. The Canucks need to win tonight. Vegas won, and Dallas lost. A lost tonight and the Nucks will be 5 points out of a wild card with 20 games left...and a trade deadline on Monday.

3. I’m not sure that Bruce was hired to make this a playoff team. I’m not sure GMPA was hired to make this a playoff team. And I am really not sure Rutherford was hired to make this a play off team this year. The fact the Canucks that the Canucks have put themselves in a position to be in the playoffs at the trade deadline has really screwed up the mind set of a lot of fans.

4. The Canucks can’t afford Miller and Boeser. No one will take Myers contract without the Canucks eating some of it. There are some ridiculous returns right now. This almost playoff team could be better next year with the right return.

5. Calgary will come out hitting tonight after the 7-1 thrashing last time versus the Nucks. Add to it, the disappointing lose to Buffalo last night and be sure that the Flames will be ready in the first 10 minutes.

6. Tyler Motte should get traded. He will get too much next year if he stays in Van. Send him to a playoff team and then get a bigger contract.

I hope the Canucks come out ready to play tonight since Kent took the blame for the last game.