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Gamethread #59: Canucks vs Caps

Canucks try to get closer to 3rd place in the division as they take on the Caps.

NHL: Montreal Canadiens at Vancouver Canucks Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

Take a moment....think about this team with Bruce as its coach from day 1 of the season.

Now come back to reality. The Canucks need four more wins on this homestand. The rest of the team ahead of the Nucks have been doing their part. Now the Canucks just need to do one simple thing....

I truly hope this team stays together for this playoff run. It may not be in the best interest of the team long term, but they have played so well, I would hate to change the chemistry.

Also, Jim Benning must be sitting in his comfortable recliner and cursing Travis Green.

I hope the Nucks can keep Ovi to keep to one goal and get the season sweep.

I sound greedy with all of these hopes.

It’s happening isn’t it...

The Canucks are providing me with hope.

Go Canucks Go!