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Gamethread #48: Canucks vs Islanders

The Canucks try for two wins in two nights to keep striving for a playoff spot.

NHL: Arizona Coyotes at Vancouver Canucks Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

Last night the Canucks survived the first period and then let loose with 5 goals against a bad Arizona team. Tonight the Canucks face an Islanders team, that score less goals per game than the Canucks do. (Canucks are 28th in GF/GP...Islanders are 30th.) The Canucks and Islanders are very similar when it comes to their record.....they are both average. The Islanders scorers are not scoring. The defense is keeping them in most games and the special teams are not that special. While the Canucks can still see a playoff spot off in the distance, the Islanders (who do have games in hand) are far out...17 points out.

Both teams are in the must-win time of year if they want to play for Lord Stanley’s vase. The Islanders might be in a more dire spot with some of their pieces on the wrong side of thirty. Weird start time of 7:30pm PST gives the Canucks 30 minutes of rest for those legs.

Go Canucks go!